Darfied wind gust launches garage into power line

Joanne Petersen reports her portable garage (15’x25’) was anchored by eight cement blocks at a property in Darfield. However, a storm that blew through the area on July 7, brought with it a “mini tornado that flung the portable garage up and over the power lines in the yard”. You can see in the attached photograph that the part of the structure hanging over the power line is actually the back of the portable garage, which was facing in the opposite direction when it was in place. The only items moved in the yard were the portable garage and four heavy prefiert livestock fence panels that were chained together directly behind the garage. In the picture on the left you can see 2×4’s leaning against the chicken coup. These were right beside where the garage was. The pallets on the ground in front of the shop and on the opposite side of where the garage sat did not move.