Wow factor at BSS Presentation of Learning North Thompson Star/Journal

As the school year came to a close, Barriere Secondary (BSS) held a Presentation of Learning at the school on June 23 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

The presentation was to celebrate student learning by showcasing some of the many projects that BSS students worked on throughout the year. The hall and the gymnasium were both lined with booths covering a wide assortment of projects.

Area resident Kathy Cooper attended the event and was so taken with the projects and the students she emailed the comments below and a number of photographs to BSS secretary Kris Luison. “It was the best!

“The races were fun and you have an incredibly talents group of kids. I was sorry I had to come back to work so soon. I could have really delved into some of the projects…

“Wow! What’s with the kid that speaks Elf language (he kinda looks Elf-ish, just missing the pointy ears), and the boy that built an electric guitar, and you’ve got to take that little Eustache girl’s instructions for scholarship/bursary app’s and publish them for future grade 12s to use as a guideline.

“Gosh, and the boys that welded and constructed the utility trailers – wow!

“Not to mention I love – love the pergola (maybe we can have a girl’s lunch out there sometime?).

“I know you are so proud of your [BSS] kids, and you have much to be proud of.”