Small town shows it’s heart at Big Barriere Block Party

Community pulls together to welcome Block Party back for the second year in a row to Barriere

To the editor;

Our little town really does rock , I couldn’t love you guys more today! So I’ve taken a full day to recover from the after-party last night and I sat down to write my thank you post.

When I started thinking about all the people I needed to thank it almost brought me to tears, not because it was going to be a lot of work writing all those names, but because I realized how amazing our helpers were.

First off I have to thank Ashley Wohlgemuth, she is the true definition of a rock star volunteer. She has put up with me all year and only snapped at me a couple of times. Thanks Ash, this event simply would not have happened without you.

Judy Anger Armstrong, you truly saved my butt a couple of times. Thank you for your tactfulness and not calling me stupid when I was doing things the hard way, and instead politely saying, “Hey Charlie, couldn’t we just do this instead?”

Dan McMartin, you are an amazing man , you stepped up , when we needed someone to sponsor the bouncy castle, and you did what you always do and were there for any job we needed you for. Thank you so much Dan.

Drew McMartin, and your helper. You made our day so much easier, thank you for assisting our vendors and helping them get where they needed to go, and for jumping on any job that needed to be done. It really was neat to see all of the emergency services out in full force . Thank you guys so much. I know your helper probably had a name, but remembering names is not in my skill set.

Beverly Murphy, you are my event organizing guru, thank you for your advice and sign painting skills, and for my rocking new patio chair! You are an inspiration Murphy!

Bill Fowler, thank you for stepping in and doing sound. You rocked that sound board.

Denise Howe, Lynda Dunlop, and our Ambassadors who manned our bouncy castles, as well as everyone else who helped out in the volunteer center booth. You guys are amazing and part of what I love about Barriere.

Thank you Sandra Realff, Laura Mairs and Megan Nagem for taking control of things at our after party. You made the night stress free and allowed me to unwind.

Thank you to the good people at the Kurt Genier Memorial Ball Tournament for working with us – I hope we can coexist together in the future.

Our sponsors were truly unique this year, as they not only donated, but many of them helped out at the event as well. The District of Barriere had people there changing garbage cans the whole time, as well as dealing with issues as they arose during the day. Thank you Chris Frezell.

Quality Contracting stepped up as they always do. They also helped out through the day, and even stuck around until the last bench was put away.

Lana Laskovic and her crew at Armour Mountain Office Services put up with my requests for the last couple of months and even came through with some last minute printing for me. Thank you ladies.

Lindsey Arcand and her crew from Interior Savings Credit Union, and Shelley and her crew from the Barriere Ida Pharmacy were so generous and helpful – thank you.

So many sponsors and friends came through in so many ways this year that I can’t even begin to thank them right now, they are very much appreciated though and I will be doing a formal thank you to them all later.

Thank you to all our vendors who ventured out in the rain. I’m so thankful that you showed up, and that the rain stayed away.

Lastly I would like to thank our artists, you guys put on an amazing show, and your talent is very much appreciated. Thank you Chloé Beauchamp-Brisson, Jeremy Kneeshaw, Matt Bond, Cal May, Dustin Doherty, Hannah Jessica Lynne, Tyler Hall Chevrefils, the Bees and The Bare Bones, and the axing Jaydee Bixby and his band.

Thank you so much Barriere – I love this town.

Charlie Kibble, co-organizer

Big Barriere Block Party 2017