Ladies celebrate Christmas on the greens

Ladies Night Golf at Chinook Cove Golf Resort

It was a Merry Christmas in July on Tuesday night, July 25, at Chinook Cove Golf and RV Park. Forty-eight ladies were jolly, jingling and jubilant as they hit the fairways. The game was a four lady Texas scramble.

This format is one of my favourites because it doesn’t really matter how badly I golf just as long as at least one member of my team is doing well. My ladies didn’t let me down. Even though we didn’t win a prize for our score (which by the way was very good) we still had a fantastic fun time.

Some teams did win prizes. The team with the lowest score was Larissa Hadley, Carol Hindle, Deanna Pendergast and Tanya Desjarlais. Two teams with matching scores won the prizes for highest score. One team included Ashley Salle, Lindsay Arcand, Jasmine Morrison and Leesa Schilling. The other team included Dorothy Warman, Val Aylward, Theresa Robertson and Susan Bondar.

While we were golfing we all tried answering a quiz about golfing. You would think that as regular golfers we would know most of the answers. Well, we don’t.

The team that won the prize for most correct answers were Ilke Marais, Jen Amos, Catherine Riem and Marian Wallace. Part of a good Christmas party is dressing up. The prize for best costumes went to Cindy Leibel, Kelly VanGenne and Jessie Robson.

Of course, we still had those lovely pin placement prizes. Alice Uppenborn, Leesa Schilling and Pauline Lynch won prizes for short drives. Debbie Rainer, Jen Amos, Donna Salle, and Carol Willox had long putts while Leslie Stirling had the longest putt using the wacky putter. (Quite appropriate, don’t you think?)

KP prizes went to Larissa Hadley, Susan Newberry, Evelyn Lucas (2), Jessie Robson, Donna Salle, and Debbie Rainer. Ilke Marais and Deb Winiski had long drives while Jessie Robson had a KP in 2. Irene Beeton landed closest to the skis. Donna Salle and Marnie Pfeifer were closest to the reindeer. Lois McInnis was closest to the tree and Deb Winiski was closest to the Santa.

We had a very special moment provided by Louise Lodge. She sponsored and presented the Merry Marion Surprise in memory of her mom Marion Lodge. Christmas in July was Marion’s favourite Ladies Night. The prize went to the team scoring a birdie on Hole 7.

Much to our surprise four teams managed this feat so it was decided that the prize would go to the team (of those four) whose final score was the highest. The winners were Babes Shanko, Betty Foote, Lois McInnis, Donna Janning and Ava Dolder.

After our game we all gathered on the patio for a wonderful marvelous delicious turkey dinner. I may have mentioned this before but a full turkey dinner with potatoes, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, salad and cranberry sauce is my most favourite meal in the whole world. And Susan Mitchell makes the very best stuffing that I have ever tasted. I knew that the kitchen staff was busy, and no turkey dinner is complete without pumpkin pie with whipping cream, so I spent Monday afternoon up in their kitchen making pumpkin tarts. I must admit I finished off the leftover tarts when I got home.

It is hard to believe that August is almost here.

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