2014 Budget balanced with transfer from road reserves

District of Barriere General Budget was balanced with a transfer from Road Reserves

One of the first orders of business at the District of Barriere, Mar. 17 council meeting, was to approve June 15, 2014, as the official 100th Anniversary Community Celebration Day.

Council members also approved the purchase of two used dumpsters at the cost of $4,000 plus the cost of transportation, with funds to be taken from the environmental reserve fund.

After the Special Council Meeting of Mar. 10, where council reviewed, amended and approved the 2014 District of Barriere budgets, the General Budget was at $3,123,657.10, with a deficit amount of $359,250.56.  The General Budget was balanced with a transfer from Road Reserves in the amount of $359,250.56.  This leaves $455,305 in the Road Reserves account, and $272,220 in the Road Surplus account.

CAO, Colleen Hannigan reported that close to 200 letters have been mailed out to individual property owners regarding a change to the zone that currently applies to their properties.  If anyone has questions regarding the zone change, they should contact either Tasha Buchanan or Colleen Hannigan at the District office.  There will be an Open House on Mar. 31, at the Ridge, where staff will be available to answer questions respecting the proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 111.

Mayor Bill Humphreys proclaimed April 2014 to be Daffodil Month and “strongly encourages all residents of Barriere to continue to recognize and support the Canadian Cancer Society and the fight against cancer”.  Councillor Smith advised council that daffodils will be sold in the Barriere area on Mar. 28.

Council members approved a motion to grant $250 to the North Thompson Arts Council for their upcoming Celebration of the Arts Festival on Apr. 26 and 27.

During the Mayor’s Report, in regards to the posting of the letter from Murray Purcha on the District’s website, Mayor Humphreys said that prior to the letter being posted, council had received advice from the ministry, which was to post it.

Barriere resident Ken Beherrall spoke to council, stating that he was unhappy with the coverage that the letter got on the local radio station.  Councillor Paula suggested that he should speak to the radio station regarding this.

During public inquiries, Antoon Houben asked on the progress of the digging for the sewer project.

Mayor Humphreys replied that council expects to have the required permits in place sometime in May, although certain sections may be able to start earlier.

Fire Chief Al Kirkwood asked for and received council’s permission to hose down the senior’s parking lot once the snow is gone.

The next District of Barriere council meeting will be on Apr. 7, at 7 p.m.  The next Committee of the Whole meeting will be on Apr. 7, at 4 p.m.