31 graduate from D.A.R.E. Program

RCMP Cst. Dana Napier and Cpl. Mike Mucha presented each of the 31 graduates of the D.A.R.E

RCMP Cst. Dana Napier and Cpl. Mike Mucha presented each of the 31 graduates of the D.A.R.E

April 12th was a special day for Barriere Elementary School students, grades 5 and 6, when they celebrated their graduation from this year’s D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program.

Barriere RCMP Constable Dana Napier, the instructor for the course, introduced the graduates and spoke about the value of the program in preparing these students as they enter intermediate grades where they will encounter more pressure to use drugs.

Corporal Mike Mucha spoke about D.A.R.E., explaining it is designed to assist school children with skills to recognize and resist social pressures to experiment with drugs or alcohol,  and how it provides them with an effective model for making wise and healthy decisions. He also noted that the support from teachers and the community is making a big difference to the success of the program at Barriere Elementary School.

BES principal, Phil Janicki, also commented on the value of the generous support from many sources and especially from the Barriere RCMP staff.  He noted that the local police Detachment must schedule time for one of their officers to take time away from duty to facilitate the D.A.R.E. program, while another colleague works extra hours to fill the empty spot.

Several students stood up and read the essays they had written about the skills they have acquired through the program, and had also written about how to make good decisions.  They all made a personal commitment to use what D.A.R.E has taught them as they go through their school years and beyond.

D.A.R.E grads were presented with certificates and T-shirts by teachers Ms. Oates, Mr. Mathews,  and Constable Napier.  A special presentation was also made to Constable Napier by Lauren Tremblay in appreciation of the officer giving her time as their instructor.

The gymnasium was filled with parents who had come out to share in the children’s successful completion of the D.A.R.E. program.  The adults were obviously pleased and proud of the students, and most came with cameras to take numerous pictures of the event.

Cake and refreshments were served at the close of the graduation program; a treat very much appreciated by the young graduates.

“These students have successfully completed the core program in Drug Abuse Resistance Education and have  made a personal commitment to avoid the pressures to begin using drugs,” said Cpl. Mucha.

Students graduating the D.A.R.E. program are: Ashley Bonneau,  Blaine Chantler, Isaiah Ducharme, Sakwuwa Dunstan-Stanyer, Dawson Huber, Kathleen Janis, Geoffrey Koester, Jacob Koester, Paul Komonoski, Braeden Krause, Brendan Manion, Brendan Mucha, Zyla Neighbor, William Noble, Daymon Parish, Katherine Pelayo, Johnny Proulx, Tyler Schilling, Kody Sillito, JJ Sorenson, Lauren Tremblay, Sheldon Vansickle, Sammy-Jo Williams, Chant Copley, Geri-Lee Genier, Darrell Jules, Madison Kerslake, Wyatt MacLaren, Tyra Noble, Katelyn Palmer,  and Marshall Wreggitt.