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4-H Club hold elections and welcome new leaders

By Tessa Salle and Grace Farrow

Yellowhead 4-H Club Reporters

The Yellowhead 4-H club has a number of changes taking place for next year.

As always, we voted in our new executives, and we say goodbye and thank you to last years executives; President Riley Knoll, Vice-President Amanda Huber, Secretary Hannah Kershaw, Treasurer Johnathan Fennel, and our Club reporter Haille Johnson.

Thank you and welcome to our new executives for 2022; President Bobby-Raye Farrow, Vice-President Logan Jones. Secretary Haille Johnson, Treasurer Alexis Nelson, and Club Reporters Tessa Salle and Grace Farrow.

We also have a few changes in the leadership of our club. Our rabbit/cavy leader Michelle Trommeshauser is moving over to be our goat leader. We would like to take the time to thank Sharon Threatful for starting our goat club and being our leader for so many years. Our new rabbit/cavy leader will be Schaana Puetz.

We are sad to say goodbye to quite a few of our leaders; Corrina Knoll, an amazing leader for our club who worked really hard to keep our club going during COVID.

We are happy to announce that we are going to be having a trio to run our club in 2022, Sharon Threatful, Kim Fennel, and Tracy Allen.

We are also very sad to say goodbye to Sabrina Veninga who was our sheep leader. Mrs. Veninga did a great job being our leader and we really enjoyed having her and her family in our club. They will be greatly missed.

Unfortunately, we have had no volunteers to take over that position, so we are still looking for a sheep leader. Everyone would be very disappointed if we couldn’t have a sheep club. We are really hoping that someone will step up. If one of our readers are interested, or if you know of anyone who would like this position please contact Brenda Jones.

Club leaders who are sticking with us are our spectacular beef leaders John Johnson and Evelyn Pilatzke, and our amazing photography leaders Brent Hamblin and Ashley Salle. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the previous leaders and the new leaders.

Just a heads up if you are interested in participating in 4-H next year and you are a previous member, your time to register is Dec. 31, to Jan. 30, 2022. If you are a new member wanting to join 4-H you have from Dec. 31 to Mar. 15, 2022.

Thanks for reading our report on the Yellowhead 4-H Club.



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