4-H do well at Judging Days and Demos

Yellowhead 4H Club Report by Lauren Tremblay - 4-H do well at Judging Days and Demos

On May 11

On May 11

On Sunday, April 28, the Yellowhead 4-H Club participated in Field Day at Haughtons’ Ranch in Knutsford. Although it was a cold and windy day, we found ways to stay warm and have fun.

We started out by going to our own market classes; it was very organized. Then, we judged our alternate classes that were chosen for us. The different classes were: Hay, Photography, Beef, Geldings, Mares, and Sheep.

There were many fun activities as well. While seniors were doing oral presentations, juniors played games.

The results listed are from the Yellowhead 4H Club only. Photography members did awesome. First place was Payden Irving, second Pax Gregory, and third place Emma Hamblin.

Beef members placed as follows: Juniors were Lauren Tremblay first, Thompson Mitchell second, Jonathon Fennell third, and Linden Ross fourth. Seniors:  Leanna Mitchell first, Saul Lingren second, Spencer Pawloff third, Eli Lingren fourth, Dustin Pawloff fifth, Kathleen Pilatzke sixth, Hanna Wadlegger seventh, Quinn Brackman eighth, and Kyle Zurbrugg ninth.

Sheep members did great as well. Seniors were Sara Kate Smith first, Nicole Huber second, Hannah Feller third, and Tristan Brackman fourth. Juniors placed as follows: Helen Newton first, Cam Kerslake second, Grace Kempter third, Madi Kerslake fourth, Tyson Schilling fourth, Halle Smith sixth, Katherine Pelayo seventh, Kash Siguoin eighth, Tyler Schilling, and Samantha Jones tied for nineth place, Levi Kempter tenth, Aaron Van Sickle eleventh, Josh Tremblay twelfth, and Sheldon Van Sickle thirteenth.

Although there were only three Clover Buds, they had amazing results. Riley Kempter first place, Tanner Schilling second, and Olin Coates third.

District Rally was held on May 4, at the Stockyards/Co-op in Kamloops. Members of the Yellowhead 4-H Club were involved.

Again, like Field Day, we started with our own market classes. Once we finished there was a yummy snack. There was only one alternate class to judge. Lunch was pizza, pop, and chips.

During the wrap up members participated in a game. We acted out little skits about “100 years of 4-H” and “Safety”. It was very entertaining.

Rally results were as follows: Junior Beef sixth place Thompson Mitchell, seventh place Jonathon Fennell, eighth place Lauren Tremblay, and ninth place Linden Ross. Senior Beef placed as follows:  Fifth place Spencer Pawloff, who also won the Top Male Sr. Aggregate award, eighth place Kathleen Pilatzke, ninth place tie between Leanna Mitchell and Garrett Tremblay, and tenth place Hannah Feller. Good job to the beef members.

Photography members cleaned up! First place Junior went to Emma Hamblin, second place was awarded to Pax Gregory, and third place was awarded to Payden Irving.   Eli Lingren won first place Senior.

Sheep members did awesome as well. Madison Kerslake came in first and won the Top Female Jr. Aggregate award. Sheldon Van Sickle came in fourth place and also won the Top Male Jr. Aggregate award. Halle Smith placed fifth, Katherine Pelayo sixth, Helen Newton ninth, and Aaron Van Sickle tenth. Finally, the Senior Sheep placing was seventh place Sara Kate Smith, eighth place Hannah Feller, and ninth place Tristan Brackman. The Silver Tray Award went to Tristan Brackman. Congratulations, Tristan.


On May 11, Christine Kempter and Kyle Zurbrugg came first at Regional Demos. And Sara Kate Smith came in third at Regional Speeches. Congratulations we are all very proud!