A Witchy Night

A Witchy Night

Frightful dark witches on broomsticks, on winds;

Fly over leafless and rough broken limbs;

Over headstones in cemeteries; over scrawny scarecrow;

They’re spooks of the hallowed evening, you know!

Jack-O-lanterns make shadows, and corn’s tied in stalks,

And kids all in costume run down cement walks

While chanting their threats that they’ll trick without treat

And throw eggs at cars parked at curbs on the street.

Along with the crusty cow corn, tied up splint’ry,

Hang cobwebs and spiders on nights which are wint’ry.

They shiver, leave shadows from flaming carved pumpkins

While kids run ‘cross porches

after suppers of dumplins.

Yikes, down along roadsides, from house to house run

The weirdest of goblins and ghosties; what fun!

They’re kicking the wimpy crisp leaves on the ground

And dashing to see what sweet treats can be found.

The evening is scary with skeletons and such

There’s too many monsters, too fright’ning, too much!

Clowns with pillow cases chucked full and handy,

Are sporting red noses and chomping on candy.

They stay wide awake ‘til bright fireworks ends

Leaving sky all blackened—and bedtime descends.

The whole night’s been spooky; the kids stare and freak

Throwing off their costumes; into bedrooms they creep

To dump all the loot in the centre of their beds.

And stuff bellies on candy till, nodding their heads,

They watch the last fireworks through windows

of frost

Then slumping down deeply, into covers, they toss.

Till another silent slumber brings them to dream

Beneath the harvest moon with stars on the scene

While all of the pumpkins turn shadowy gray

The witchy night’s magic’s a memory… come day.


Rita Joan Dozlaw