Accident at Darfield, driver charged

Barriere RCMP respond to several accidents in Louis Creek and Darfield

A pickup

A pickup

Barriere RCMP

On August 12, 2013 at 8:15 pm Barriere RCMP responded to a single commercial vehicle rollover in Louis Creek on Highway 5.  Upon arrival police observed a water tanker truck on its right side in the southbound ditch area.  The investigation on scene reveals the driver of the truck caused the truck to veer off road right prior to a driveway after exiting a right hand curve and starting down a slight hill.  The truck continued off road right until it rolled onto its side.  The driver was checked and released on scene by BC Ambulance Service.  The driver was investigated for impaired driving and received an Immediate roadside Suspension under the new Provincial Legislation.

On August 21, 2013 at 3:57 pm Barriere RCMP received a call of a two vehicle collision on Highway 5 in Darfield with two pickups.  Upon attending police noted two white Ford pickups in the ditch and a flatdeck car hauler type trailer in the ditch with the rear of the trailer protruding into the edge of the southbound lane.  Investigation reveals the regular cab Ford pickup was northbound on  Highway 5 with the trailer attached and the crewcab Ford on the trailer.

The F250 was loaded on the trailer backwards causing the majority of weight to be on the rear of the trailer so less tongue weight.  The tire marks on the roadway show the trailer started to swing from side to side with loaded tire marks showing the movement over the centre line then to the right over the fog line.

There were no tire marks from the pickup and no braking tire marks to indicate either the truck or trailer had locked brakes at anytime.  This side to side motion expanded to the point it forced the tow vehicle to jack-knife counterclockwise and off road left, where the trailer broke away from the tow vehicle, rolled to the right causing the loaded crewcab pickup to break loose and roll into the ditch.  Police found that the tow vehicle did not have any brake control so no electric brakes functioning on the trailer and no surge brake system to assist with the braking.  The driver was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act and the vehicles were removed.  Both male occupants escaped with no real injuries, only a scrape to the arm and a terrifying ride.  These men were very lucky considering the heavy volume of traffic on the highway that day and no other vehicles involved in the collision.

Over the last three weeks there have been three trucks stolen and one ATV.  Two of the trucks and the ATV had the keys left in them and unlocked.  Police are reminding everyone to please keep your vehicles secure, no keys in the vehicle and lock up any ATV’s or other recreational vehicles.  All three of the trucks have been recovered with some damage and one truck completely stripped of all equipment and tools.

It is common for criminals to take these vehicles and commit other crimes such as break and enters or other thefts so if they get caught they can’t be identified through the vehicle.

This is also a reminder to make sure your home and outbuildings are as secure as you can make them through locking systems, motion lights, surveillance cameras or even the good old guard dog.

Police have some leads into the thefts and one male arrested for the theft of one truck.


If you have any information on any of these crimes or other crimes in the area please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or the Barriere RCMP Detachment at 250-672-9918 or 911.