Ahoy from our royalty


Royalty salute as they make their way to Nakusp

Royalty salute as they make their way to Nakusp

Hello again to our beautiful valley! We have been very busy the last few weeks and would like to give you all a little update on our great adventures as royalty.

On Saturday June 25 we made our way to Nakusp to attend their pageant held that evening. Our trip there was filled with laughs, and one or two “power naps.” The evening started with a dinner where all the royalty and candidates got a chance to get to know each other. We then made our way over to the pageant. With ten candidates running this year the night was filled with laughter and applause. We finish off the evening by dancing with the newly crowned royalty and our sparkle headed friends! Sunday morning was just as exiting. All of the visiting royalty gathered at the hot springs for an amazing breakfast and of course some relaxing in the pools. It was such a nice day out and it was wonderful to spend the morning soaking up the sun with the other visiting royalty!

Coming back home we had no time to rest! On Monday we started rehearsing with our candidates for their speech and talent night held on July 1. Our candidates all did an amazing job on Canada Day! Each had a speech and talent they showed off to the judges, and let’s not forget the fashion show! We all dress up in our Canadian crazy outfits and showed off our pride for this wonderful place we are able to call home. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported these young ladies, your support helped them through the night! We hope to see you again at our next event.

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Royalty,

Queen Alexandra Brown

Princess Jessica Graves

Princess Seanna Lyons