Amended budget passed by District of Barriere council

Amended budget passed by District of Barriere council

The citizens of Barriere had one last ‘kick at the can’ to voice their suggestions and comments on the 2012 District of Barriere Budget at the March 26 Budget meeting.  Only five residents came out for this, and only two of them had any questions or comments about the figures presented by council.

Wim Houben inquired about the recent announcement about the RCMP costs being ‘dumped’ on the local governments, and if that would affect Barriere in any way, as we have a detachment here?

The Mayor replied that for municipalities with populations under 3,000, there would be no significant change.

Kathy Cooper’s question was in regards to two line items from the budget.  The first was the anticipated legal fees for swapping the land with the Thompson Nicola Regional District at the Barriere Elementary School; this process could take a while and may not even happen this year.  The second item was the amount slated for the completion of the curb and hand-rails at the Bandshell.

Once the public input was completed, council members moved to take out the legal fees regarding the land swap, but to keep in the cost for completion of the Bandshell as those improvements are required for safety reason.

Council then passed a motion to accept the amended budget.   The budget will be officially presented to the citizens of Barriere at the public meeting scheduled for April 16.

Council passed the final readings of two bylaws: the Revenue Anticipation bylaw no. 88; and the Barriere Community Water System bylaw no. 89.

Council passed a motion to send a letter of support to the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association in support of a grant application the Association was submitting, and to continue to support the event by providing the required garbage services (for the Fall Fair) at no cost.

The next regular council meeting will be on Monday, April 2, at 7 p.m.