An update on Barriere’s new septage receiving station and wastewater treatment plant

District of Barriere is currently working towards building a septage receiving station and wastewater treatment plant

The District of Barriere is currently working towards building a septage receiving station and wastewater treatment plant within the municipality.

The construction of both the septage receiving station and the wastewater treatment plant are progressing well, and pretty much on schedule according to the district office.

“We are doing this work under an ‘innovation fund’ grant,” stated district CAO Colleen Hannigan, “And when you are being innovative, the design stage is where you will and should spend additional time.”

Hannigan reports the construction phase of the septage receiving station (SRS) has been completed and it is now being tested to ensure everything operates as it should.  Once the new solar aquatics wastewater plant is completed (behind the fire hall), in approximately one year’s time, the septage from the SRS will travel by pipe to that plant for final treatment.   However, until the wastewater plant is completed, any septage dumped at the SRS will have to be transported off site for final treatment.

District staff say they are in the process of developing the most cost effective solution in order to arrive at an actual  cost to provide this service for this interim period.  Once that has been accomplished, prices can be set by council for dumping, and local haulers will be notified and invited to start using the plant.

Residents will have noticed work being done along Gray Place and Airfield Roads.  This is for the rapid infiltration basins for the wastewater treatment plant.  The gravel along Airfield Road appears to be perfect for this type of infiltration system. More digging will be taking place all the way along the old air strip from Gray Place to Station Road, then along Station Road as the contractor, LNB, begins work on the gravity collection system and the forcemain back to the plant in the next few weeks.  Environmental and archaeological monitoring will take place on this portion of the excavation.

The placing of pipes and the construction of the building are two separate contracts that will be progressing concurrently towards completion over the next year.  Digging is scheduled to begin on both contracts over the next couple of weeks.

As the contractors determine exactly where they will dig and when, district staff say signage will be posted in those areas to alert residents.

“Although excavations will be well marked, please make sure your children are aware of what is going on,” advised CAO, Colleen Hannigan, “And warn them to stay away from any construction they might see in their travels.”

District staff also note that for those wondering when ‘phase one’ area residents will receive information on what will be required of them prior to hooking up; an information sheet will be included in the next utility billing with contact information for any questions they may have.


As the district moves forward with this project, if anyone has any questions, they are encouraged to contact either Doug Borrill or Colleen Hannigan at the district office, 250-672-9751.