Are you missing drugs?

On Saturday, May 14, a local resident advised he had seen a stash of drugs off Agate Bay road near Barriere.  An officer attended a rustic campsite and found a bag containing three ounces of marijuana and one-half ounce of magic mushrooms.  It is unknown if the owner stashed them there for some reason, they were forgotten, or just thrown away.  To date nobody has attended the police station to report or claim the missing drugs.

Early Monday, May 16, police received a report of a single vehicle crash on Highway 24 just west of Little Fort.  Upon attendance police found an elderly driver had failed to negotiate a sharp curve.  The vehicle, towing a flat deck trailer with a new camper, went off the road, through the ditch and up an embankment.  The camper as a result of poor tie downs came off the trailer.  The driver was taken to Clearwater hospital after complaining of back pain.  He was transferred to Kamloops for further examination.  The driver received a ticket for insecure load and fail to keep right.

Members of Clearwater Traffic Unit and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Safety (CVSE) conducted a road check on highway five on Monday, May 16.  The primary focus was to check for safety defects and the mechanical condition of vehicles.  Inspectors found a surprising number of mid sized trailers did not have adequate brakes.  These trailers are larger than small utility trailers and can carry significantly more weight.  Because of the increased load they have independent braking systems, these were often found to either be out of adjustment or not working.  This creates a huge safety hazard because the towing vehicle does not have the capacity to stop the entire unit in reasonable distance.  Please ensure you check and ensure the brakes on your trailer are working properly before heading out to pick up the load.