Bag Lady Bottle Depot changes hands

After fifteen years the Corrigals are retiring, now Miae and Brian Lee take over

(Left)  After 15 years in business

(Left) After 15 years in business

Fifteen years ago, back in June of 2001, Cathy and John Corrigal bought the bottle depot from Al Kirkwood.  Since then, Cathy and John, along with their friendly “official greeter” and guard dog Sheeba, have been running the Bag Lady Bottle Depot.

However, since June 7, there are now new faces at the depot, as the Corrigal’s have sold their business.

“I will miss the people,” Cathy stated, “Over the years we have dealt with four different truck drivers, and so very many individuals dropping off their bottles – all have been great.”

Cathy is now trying to think of a new small business that she can start up.

“Something that Barriere needs and would support,” she explained, “But something that won’t require working more than a few days a week.”

She is looking forward to semi-retirement, but a full retirement would be too quiet for this industrious woman.

John has been enjoying being semi-retired already for the last 10 years, mainly keeping himself busy picking up or dropping off bundles of newspapers and flyers for the Star/Journal.

The bottle depot continues to be open for business, now under the management of its new owners, Miae and Brian Lee.

Miae and Brian tell that they emigrated to Canada from South Korea several decades ago, eventually winding up in Calgary where they spent around 20 years.  During their years there, they had lots of different jobs, but this will be their first venture as owners of a bottle depot.

For the last few weeks they have been learning the ropes from the Corrigals.

“We were looking for a quiet place to live, somewhere not very big, but also not very far from a big town,” explained Brian.  “We love hiking, the beautiful lakes and rivers.  We feel really good about Barriere.”

“Everyone we have met in Barriere so far, has been very friendly,” added Miae.

The couple say they don’t plan on any major changes for the depot, and will be keeping the name.  The Lee’s are looking forward to meeting all of the Bag Lady customers, and to making new friends within the community.