Banner Night welcomes 6 Queen candidates

2011 NTFFRA Pageant candidates and current Royalty: (L to r) Miss Clearwater Lions Club Tiffany Preston

2011 NTFFRA Pageant candidates and current Royalty: (L to r) Miss Clearwater Lions Club Tiffany Preston

On Friday, March 11, the public were introduced to the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association’s (NTFFRA) Queen Pageant candidates for 2011 during the annual Banner Night and Apron Auction event in the Barriere Lions Hall.

The candidates for this year’s Pageant are:  Miss on Call Towing & Construction Tianna Weninger – Clearwater,  Miss Jim‘s Food Market Cassandra Brown – Little Fort, Miss Clearwater Lions Club Tiffany Preston,  Miss Lower North Thompson Catholic Women’s League Hannah Allen – Brennan Creek,  Miss Sweetnam’s Christina Hostetter – Barriere, and  Miss Barriere Lions Club Bethany McInnes – Barriere.

“It has truly been an honour representing the North Thompson Valley and our historic Fall Fair and Rodeo,” said currently reigning NTFFRA Queen Alexandra Brown, “However, many people do not realize that our boundary spans all the way from Heffley Creek to Blue River.  Tonight we are proud to say that this year the communities of Brennan Creek, Barriere, Little Fort and Clearwater will all be represented by our 2011 candidates.  This really is a truly amazing Valley.”

After introducing the candidates and their sponsors the NTFFRA Queen introduced District of Barriere Counsellor Virginia Smith.  Counsellor Smith then announced that from this point forward the NTFFRA Pageant’s Rising Star Award will from now on be called the Meagan Worthington Memorial Rising Star Award.

NTFFRA reigning Princess Seanna Lyons spoke about the Pageant sponsors.  “I would like to turn our attention to those whose support helps make this program what it is – our wonderful sponsors! Their generosity is commendable and this year we are excited to have so many new sponsors join our program. However, we feel that it would be unjust not to shine the lights on a few other very special sponsors. These business and organizations have supported this program for many years and it is our privilege to acknowledge them tonight with a token of our appreciation for their years of dedication.” Seanna then invited the following businesses to come up to received framed certificates of appreciation: Barriere AG Foods, Barriere A&W, Barriere IDA Pharmacy, Barriere Interior Savings Credit Union, Barriere and District Chamber of Commerce, North Thompson Star/Journal, and the Station House Restaurant.

Then the real fun began, with the start of the apron auction; all made by the reigning NTFFRA Royalty and the 2011 candidates.  Ten apron’s were auctioned off to those in the audience, raising just over $2,000 for the Pageant Committee.  These funds will help pay for the many events and classes that the candidates will take part in over the coming months.

The new NTFFRA Queen and Princesses will be named on Friday, Sept. 2.