The community of Barriere wants to see your gardens.  Enter the Barriere Blooms Contest by Aug. 7. (Metro Creative photo)

Barriere – are you ready to show off your green thumb?

Don’t forget Barriere Blooms Contest entry deadline is Aug. 7

How does your garden grow? Is your garden’s success due to a green thumb, beginners luck, or Mother Nature doing her thing? Or does that really matter so long as your garden is blooming?

2021 has definitely been a challenge for those with a green thumb, but you can’t keep a dedicated gardener down, and that is most obvious when you drive through Barriere and see what folks have accomplished in their gardens this season.

The Barriere Blooms Contest would like to showcase these gardens and recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into them. Prizes will be awarded in three divisions; Best Business, Kids Garden, and Selfie Diary with Best Resident Gardening Project.

Deadline for registration into the contest is fast approaching, being this Saturday, Aug. 7. Judging of each garden will then take place on the following Saturday, Aug. 14.

District Councilor Donna Kibble is the Barriere Blooms contest organizer, and says she is working hard to encourage gardeners in town to get their registration submitted before the deadline.

She notes concern that there seems to have been some confusion this year regarding qualifying entries.

“Our main aim this year was to introduce the public to xeriscaping in their gardens,” said Kibble, “We hope everyone took the opportunity to include drought tolerant plants into their gardens. However, the judging will not be just about these plants, the judging will be on the whole garden. Gardens will not be disqualified if they don’t have xeriscaping plants, or have not taken selfie pictures and submitted them.”

“I’d also like to encourage entries into the Best Kid’s Garden division as well,” added Kibble, “There is still time to enter by saturday, and there is a full week after the registration deadline before the judges will come to your residences on Saturday, Aug. 14, to judge your gardens – but you must be registered by Aug. 7.”

Kibble says contest entry forms can be printed directly from the District of Barriere’s website at or you can contact Donna Kibble for a copy by calling her at 250-672-5672.

Completed forms can be dropped off in the drop box at the District of Barriere office in the The Ridge, 4936 Barriere Town Road, or emailed to:

Judging criteria for the Barriere Blooms garden contest include; use of drought tolerant plants, planting – colours and health of plants, construction and ease of care of the garden, and overall impression.

Contest categories are:

• Best Business – Businesses are encouraged to plant fruit and vegetables, herbs and eatable flowers and drought tolerant plants outside their business. 1st prize $100 donated by Councillor Al Fortin, a Barriere Blooms certificate and bragging rights.

• Kids Garden – Teach your child about planting a garden. Have them plant and care for their garden during the summer. The winning entry will receive a cash prize and bragging rights. Prize money donated by Mayor Stamer, 1st prize $50, 2nd prize $30, 3rd prize $20

• Selfie Diary with Best Resident Gardening Project – Participating residents will plant fruit, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs and drought tolerant plants in containers, plant boxes or hanging baskets or garden plots outside their residences. Take five selfie pictures with the container during the summer to show its progress. (will not be disqualified if you haven’t taken pictures). The winning entries will receive a cash prize and bragging rights. 1st prize $200, 2nd.prize $100, donated by Ian Crossman, District Utilities Manager.


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