Barriere Bandshell Friday wants you!

Participating vendors can be commercial, non-profit, artisan or farmer's market

The Barriere Bandshell Committee is now in the process of getting a program together to bring entertainment and other opportunities to Barriere’s Fadear Park.  They are beginning to set the wheels in motion after some months of planning and are looking for community involvement.

Friday afternoons will be the place to be as the main project on the table is “Barriere Bandshell Fridays“. The plan is to set in motion an open market with live entertainment, food vendors, non profit groups, artisans, children’s activities and much more.

The event will take place every Friday in July and August from 4:30 p.m to 8 p.m. with the bandshell taking on a festive look to welcome tourists as well as members of the local community; where they can come together and enjoy great times in the park.

The committee is seeking vendors, sponsors and local entertainers to bring this all together and they are asking anyone interested to sign up at the Barriere municipal office as soon as possible.  Businesses can sign up for primary, platinum or gold sponsorship, all with their own benefit packages.

Participating vendors can be commercial, non-profit, artisan or farmer`s market vendors. Pertinent information and sign-up sheets can be obtained at the municipal office for more details.

Barriere Bandshell Fridays promise to be a welcoming and social event for the entire community.