Barriere council reviews budget and fee increases

Barriere District Council reviews budget and fee increases

The District of Barriere Council members convened for a budget review meeting on March 12, to talk about the budget and several related items.

The first item up for discussion was in regards to the Birch Lane  Wastewater System proposed fees.  The current bylaw structure has the  fees set at $75.63 per month, and discussion revolved around whether  or not to leave it at that amount, or to raise it.

Ken Beharrell  spoke to the issue, stating that he feels raising the fee would be too  prohibitive to potential buyers.

After lengthy discussions around the  options, council members moved to keep the bylaw as it is for now, and  to start billing as of January 1, 2012.

The council then moved on to the proposed budget, reviewing the  changes that came out of the previous budget meeting.  They also heard from Barriere Fire Chief, Al Kirkwood, regarding several changes he was  requesting. Council therefore approved increasing the  Fire Department portion of the budget by $3,500.

There will be a  public meeting for the budget sometime in April, after the District has received the final tax numbers.

Council members passed the first three readings of the District of  Barriere Bylaw No. 87, to amend the Barriere Water Systems Rates bylaw.  Residents will now pay $31.15 per month for their use of the water system.

Kathy Cooper asked for clarification on the amounts listed under Economic Development and Tourism, wanting to know how the numbers were arrived at.  Mayor Humphreys replied that the Tourism amount is from the contracted amount as per last year’s approved budget, and the Economic Development amount is based on the current contract with the District Economic Development Officer.

The next regular council meeting will be held on Monday, March 19, at 7 p.m.