Barriere DJ spends night in Kamloops jail

DJ Steve Shannon says "a case of mistaken identity".

Barriere Radio’s DJ, Steve Shannon, says he spent a night in jail last week due to a case of mistaken identity.

Shannon says he told 93.1FM listeners on Thursday morning over the air, that he had been arrested the previous night and went to jail in Kamloops.

“It was a case of mistaken identity,” said Shannon, “The police are doing their job and they are doing it very well.”

He says his birth name is Stephen Guay, but his DJ name, or AKA [also known as],  is Steve Shannon, which he has used throughout his lifelong career as a disc jockey and radio announcer.  Shannon says Barriere RCMP were alerted that a man of interest to the police, who also was named Stephen Guay, might be Shannon.

The DJ says once the fingerprint results came through, and proved he was not the man police wanted, he was released from jail.

However, police are not commenting, and court records show Shannon must appear before a judge on June 14, in Kamloops.