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Barriere Elementary collecting for Christmas hampers

Barriere Elementary report that they are embracing the seasonal spirit of giving back to their community by helping those who need a helping hand this Christmas.

BES Principal Tiffany Hawkins says, “As a school community, we are collecting items for three food hampers with the help of students, parents and community members. Once the hampers are created, we will donate the hampers to families in Barriere.”

Hawkins tells that the school is collecting items for the hampers in a unique way by having a decorated Christmas tree at the front door of the school. Hung on the Christmas tree, will be paper ornaments with a hamper item listed on each one of them. Each person (student or parent) who would like to donate, takes an ornament off the tree, purchases the item, and then returns it to the school by Dec. 17.

“When all items are removed off the tree, we will start again for the second hamper, and keep going,” says Hawkins.

She notes that the Christmas Tree Hamper Project is only running until Dec. 17.

If you would like to donate, please visit the Christmas tree at the front door of the Barriere Elementary School. If you are unable to drop by the school, contact their office and they will let you know what is needed.

Hawkins also noted that should the school have more names put forward than they have hampers, they will draw the recipient names out of a basket.

To find out more about this project please contact Barriere Elementary at 250-672-9916.