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Barriere First Responders looking for recruits

Do you have the heart to volunteer and serve your community?

“If you have the heart to volunteer and serve your community, you have everything we need”, was the message put forward by Barriere First Responders who have hosted an information table in the foyer at AG Foods the past two weekends in an effort to recruit volunteers for their organization.

The Barriere First Responder Society (BAFRS) is a registered non-profit with their primary function being a community resource to assist the BC Ambulance Service with high acuity medical emergencies when the ambulance is delayed. They also provide patient care on highway rescues and civil emergency operations.

The society’s paramedics and fully qualified medical responders are trained to provide basic life-saving procedures that are critical to patients’ life and safety. Call-outs are primarily initiated by BC Ambulance, but can also be initiated by other federal, provincial, and municipal emergency service agencies.

BAFRS’ resources include a fully stocked ambulance, with automated external defibrillators, medical jump kits, oxygen, spine board, clamshells, fire rehab kit, and minor and major trauma kits.

In 2020 BAFRS attended 69 medical and mutual aid call outs, as well as members logging several hundred additional hours in training, administration and community events.

The group also specialize in providing tailored medical coverage to all types of events anywhere within the North Thompson area as they fundraise for equipment and ongoing training. Over the years they have provided their medical expertise to numerous different types of events including, equestrian, music, rodeo, football and road running events along with a wide range of corporate events and festivals.

BAFRS business and training meetings take place the first Monday and the second to last Monday of every month 7 p.m. at the Barriere Fire Hall, with new members welcome to attend.

Do you have the heart to volunteer?

Find out more by calling 778-220-6542, email: info@bafrs.org or go to: www.BAFRS.org



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