Barriere food bank currently serving 55 households

The Barriere and District Food Bank report in a press release that they are currently serving approximately 55 households monthly within the area.

“The demographics have changed recently,” reported the release. “Presently, we are supporting more seniors and fewer families with children. There are also new households coming for assistance while other households have found food security and no longer need support.”

During the pandemic the local food bank had switched to a drive-through service “that proved to be highly efficient and more confidential”. Use of the drive-through services will continue, and a roof over the loading dock and front entrance improves the service. They also report that delivery service of hampers was done to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but since the spring this service has decreased, and presently services are pick-up only on Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

“Through successful communication from the food bank’s board of directors, and active volunteer recruitment at Movie Night, several community members have joined the volunteer team at the food bank,” said the release, “They are so welcome, as are new members of our society for 2023, with dues of $2.”

Directors of the the Barriere and District Food Bank also advise they wish to thank all those who contributed to the recent food drive sponsored by Interior Savings Day of Difference. With the cost of living rising for everyone, these donations are even more meaningful.

In these challenging economic times, there is a need for the food bank to focus on primarily food security. Therefore the directors are requesting that Christmas donations be in line with the highest needs.

These are the items currently needed: food, hygiene products or monetary contributions to assist the food bank in keeping to their 2023 food budget. Gifts for adults such as socks, gloves, hats and knitted items can also be donated which we will add to the Christmas mini hampers the food bank prepares.

“We are not in need of toys. The food bank has a surplus of toys especially for younger children. These have been stored in our facility for at least two years,” said the release, “This Christmas gifts will be provided from this surplus to children whose families access our food program.”

The volunteers at the food bank say they believe community members who have donated toys in the past would want these gifts to find homes and hearts that will play with them. The food bank will make efforts this Christmas to find ways to distribute these toys through other venues in the communities to honour the perceived intentions of donors ensuring that they are loved and played with by children in the community. In January, the food bank will also be seeking out community partner(s) to help distribute any remaining donated gifts/toys that are stored in the food bank facility.

This holiday season the food bank says they will be able to offer a ham and a mini hamper containing donated items, in addition to the regular December hamper to food bank users. They are also supporting and encouraging attendance at the Community Luncheon hosted by the Christian Life Assembly Church in Barriere on Dec. 8, and the Community Christmas Day Dinner hosted by the Barriere Chamber of Commerce.

The food bank sends a thank you to all their supporters and neighbours” who ensure that people in the community are fed well. Your care and generosity are deeply appreciated.”

The Barriere and District Food Bank is located at 4748 Gilbert Drive, P.O. Box 465, Barriere. Call 236-597-0029, or email and on Facebook at: FoodBankBarriere.

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