Barriere mayor seeking out those who have the knowledge

As The Mayor Sees It with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys

The TNRD is in the process of doing a minor amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy that was adopted in May 2000 and at the same time is facilitating a Fringe Areas Policy discussion. The Regional Growth Strategy is a tool used to plan for the future needs of the communities and rural areas within the TNRD. Planning for orderly growth with an eye to the future needs of the area population is one aspect of the plan. The plan also recognizes that in some cases there will not be a positive growth factor and provides some guidance for proper infill of areas affected by downsizing.

The Fringe Areas Policy discussion is around the processes and procedures of information flow between the different entities and levels of government that operate within the TNRD boundary. This gives the TNRD the opportunity to work in concert with the District to provide and plan for the best and highest use of the lands involved both in the District and the TNRD. As it is said good fences make for good neighbours. The same holds true for good and comprehensive planning with the appropriate consultation of all concerned.

Sounds boring as heck doesn’t it?  For the head down, go over there and do something, “let’s git her done” folks I suspect this sort of process would be as much fun as watching paint dry or suffering an ingrown nail.

Some say “What’s the point of asking your neighbours their opinion about proposed changes?  What if they don’t like your ideas and are able to convince others that your idea is not the best for all concerned? Then you will never get things done.”

It is true asking people their opinion really throws a wrench into the old “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” way of doing things.

On the other hand, if the time is taken to seek out those in the community and surrounding areas that have the knowledge required to solve the issues at hand and are willing to share their ideas any project undertaken has a far greater chance of success. I like being successful.

The concept of having to make your own mistakes in order to learn is patently ridiculous. Here in Barriere we have a wealth of knowledge born from successes as well as failures.

Despite economic depressions and recessions, bad weather, fires, floods and in some cases family tragedies people here have had the foresight and fortitude to regroup and rebuild. Hard lessons have been learned and need not be learned again.

I have been lucky and blessed that people have come forward to share their knowledge and experiences. I know serving on a committee becomes an onerous task. To that end it makes sense to use all the modern electronic means of communicating and any of the more traditional methods to gather the knowledge and ideas that will permit success of immediate projects and build a plan for the future.

Speaking of committees, the Development committee has changed.  I have asked and subsequently appointed Councillors Smith and Paula to sit on that committee. They have already come forth with some great ideas and feedback. In doing this all of council now sits on the committee and I as the mayor will sit as the chair. This will allow for the maximum input from the council members as the chairperson of larger committees generally should not make motions but remain impartial.

For those that are diligent around the rules of order for a meeting I am not saying the chairperson does not have the right to make a motion. Merely that I am hoping for maximum feedback and participation from all committee members. The addition of two councillors allows for the appointment of two more members of the public. Before everyone runs and hides remember many hands make light work.

I want to thank all those that volunteer, serve on committees and those that give freely of their opinions. This combined with the hard work of staff and council provide us all with a bright future.