Barriere sewer connections slated for next year

as the mayor sees it with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys - Sewer connections slated for next year

Where the heck did November go?

The last week of November was the start of holiday season meetings and mixers that happen most every year.

The Chamber of Commerce held a gathering at the Station House Restaurant that was well attended by its members. The food was great, and the service excellent. Good work Station house staff! New President Lana Laskovic made a presentation to Carol Patton commemorating all her hard work over the last.., well, more years than Carol wanted to admit. A very pleasant gathering, and I want to thank all involved for the invitation.

On Saturday, the Senior Centre was the site for the annual Senior’s Bazaar. Lots of good bargains and nice people manning the many tables that were there.  This event is organized by volunteers each year and deserves our support. The items for sale are handcrafted, and for those of us that don’t know a knit from a pearl, it is a good chance to purchase a decoration for the holidays, a unique gift or even something to ward off the cold for ourselves.

Many of you may have seen that the digging has started for the sewer collection lines. Right now the work is down near the septage receiving station on Kamloops Street.  It will soon move along Conner and cross under the highway. Staff is working to make sure traffic can be accommodated in these areas. If you have questions or concerns please call the district office at 250-672-9751.

Right at the start we had a few missteps around communicating what was happening. In order to place the individual connections to each property the contractors will need access to your property.

District staff has told me that there is a plan to let property owners know what is happening prior to the actual placement of these connections.

Again if you have concerns, complaints or questions please call the district office.

Along with all of this, district staff will be sending out how and when the actual connection to your home will be done, when it will be done, and the rest of the information that you require.

No connections can be done until the waste water plant is in operation. That is slated for late next year.

We cannot collect sewage until we can treat it.

Work has started on the waste water building, and if the weather permits it will progress over the winter.

Work has been progressing nicely on the remediation of the old store on Barriere Town Road. I would ask that the public please respect the various cones and other safety measures around the building and site. The work to remove materials and the items off the roof is dangerous at best, and we need to give the workers all the space they need. The project is complicated, but the crew working on it has certainly risen to the task. Great job people, keep up the good work and we will have a new municipal hall before you know it!

The weather has created some trying times out on the highways. This time of the year means there can be everything from freezing rain to black ice.

Please drive to the conditions so that we can have you arrive safely home. There are too many tragic accidents happening.

Here in the district we have taken over the winter roads maintenance. If you have any concerns or questions, well you know who to call. Nice comments are appreciated as well.

Council will be having the yearly strategic planning meeting in December. If you have a project that you want to see be at the top of the list for 2014 please contact your favourite council member and they will bring it forth.

The strategic planning meeting is held prior to the budget reviews so that the budget reflects what is important.

The budget review meetings are open to the public of course,  and I would encourage all residents to attend. The dates will be posted as soon as they are set by council.

The Christmas Parade is this Friday. Please come down, watch the parade, help light the tree and kick off another holiday season here in Barriere.