Barriere wastewater treatment updates

As the Mayor sees it; with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys

A big thank you goes out to everyone that came out and enjoyed Canada Day at the bandshell.  MP Cathy McLeod, Minister Terry Lake, Alternate TNRD Director Mike Fennell and Simpcw First Nations Councillor at Large Tom Eustache shared the stage with Mason Mosdell to sing O’ Canada. Well, actually, Mason did the singing and most of us followed along.

Tasha Buchanan did the organizing. There were lots of volunteers behind the scenes as usual to make things happen, Lynn Wright, Marty Philibert, Charlie Kibble, Al Fortin, Scott and Kevin Kershaw to name a few, that put in extra time to make it happen. Cpl. Underhill was there and stepped in to lend a hand moving the bouncy castle to the approved location. We even had cupcakes to celebrate Canada Day from a new Barriere business, Gracious Cakes.

The District hosted a Zoning Roundtable recently that was well attended by a variety of interested parties. Now that we have an Official Community Plan a zoning review is needed. Ms. Sandra Upson has been hired to assist in doing the zoning review. Ms. Upson has created a webpage that contains a survey. The zoning webpage can be accessed off the District webpage. We need public input for the process to be a true reflection of what the residents of Barriere want.

Recently some information has been circulated about projects being undertaken by the District of Barriere that is not correct. It is impossible for those not intimately involved to give out accurate information. At the last Public Works committee meeting this problem of misinformation was discussed. It was decided that a single source should supply information and that source should be the Mayor with the help of District staff.

To that end we are putting together a chart of the progress of our largest current projects which are the wastewater treatment plant, sewage collection, sewage distribution and septage collection. While all of these fall under the same grant for a sewer system they have been broken out into these four modules to allow for greater efficiencies. Information changes as the results of studies arrive and decisions are made on that information.

A few facts have already been established. The date that the sewer project needs to be completed by is the end of March 2015. This date is set by the parameters of our grant for the sewer project. This is the date that the whole project needs to be completed. We must not confuse this date with the possible prior completions of other portions of the project. For instance, we are making the completion of the septage receiving station a first priority. The completion of this portion is planned well ahead of March 2015 but as the date has not been set that information is not yet available.

Another fact that has been set is that the company that will design the wastewater treatment plant is EcoTek. The system to be used is a solar aquatics type that has been pioneered by the president of EcoTek, Mr. Kim Rink. There was a public meeting held with Barriere Council and Mr. Rink on June 28. There will be another public meeting held the first part of August. There is a tentative wastewater building design available now and we will welcome input on the design.

The location of the wastewater treatment plant is not set in stone, the route of the sewage collection lines and placement of the distribution system as well as the type of distribution to be used are still being engineered. As each of these items are placed in the proposed final design category I will let you know.

There is nothing secret about this process. The District is actively seeking input for all aspects of the project. I would ask though that when information is given out about the project that everyone consider the source. As well meaning as some folks are they may simply not know what is happening.

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