Barriere working to become premier destination for agri-toursim in the province

as the mayor sees it with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys

I read recently that some communities feel it is not needed to observe Remembrance Day.  I find this concept interesting in that it would seem these people don’t have any sort of memory or respect for much of anything.

It is true that each of us has unique memories. These memories are what make us individuals. Shared memories for groups of individuals are what make up our heritage. How valuable these shared memories are is different from one individual to another. Close knit communities treasure their shared memories and the heritage they create.

Countries that have a strong national identity work to preserve the shared heritage within the country. On the world stage Canada has a strong and vibrant image. That image is based on our collective actions both in the present time and the past. By observing portions of our heritage such as Remembrance Day, each individual and their respective communities show that they hold dear the heritage of our past as well as showing respect and gratitude for those that still serve to protect our way of life.

Individually, we all owe a debt of gratitude to those that have willingly given of themselves so that we can all benefit from their actions. The list is long and includes our armed forces, police departments, fire departments, search and rescue, health care workers and a host of volunteers that are quick to respond when there is a need. I personally give a heart felt thanks to those that came out on Sunday, November 11, to pay respect to those members of our community that have served in the past and to those that continue to serve to protect our freedom and safety.

Barriere has long been a community known for its volunteers. As we start into another Holiday Season the local volunteer groups will be holding various events to raise funds so that they can carry out their work. I urge you all to participate in any way that you can.

Premier Clarke and members of her cabinet visited the area recently along with MP Cathy McLeod. The visit was arranged by the Chamber of Commerce and coincided with the opening of the Ed Buck Manor.

The Premier was quoted as saying, ”One of the ways we maintain strong communities is by allowing residents to stay connected to the place they call home. Ed Buck Manor not only provides a safe home for seniors and people with disabilities, but it shows that Clearwater really cares about those in need in their community.” This is good news for us here in Barriere, in that we have long recognized the need for our residents to have the ability to stay where they have spent their lives helping to grow the community. We have the dream. now all we have to do is figure out how to fund the project.

The Environment Minister Terry Lake and Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick visited Barriere recently, and Minister Letnick toured the Agri-Plex. Minister Letnick was suitably impressed with the facility and remarked that it was impressive that due to the generosity and hard work of those involved there is no debt involved. Some communities like Pentiction have large loans on their facilities and this puts a strain on the community. We suggested that they both come back to Barriere for the Bullarama on New Years Eve. No firm commitment but there still is time.

Speaking of the Bullarama and the Farm Kids Scholarship Fund, the project is well on its way. I spoke with Steven Puhallo last week, and he has informed me that they are getting great response to their ad campaign. They have set the price to $50 now for the Bullarama and the dance which for a New Years Eve event is a great deal. The entertainment is purported to be top notch, and the profits will help farm kids to further their education. What better way is there to spend a New Years evening but here in Barriere supporting a good cause?

Barriere is striving to become the premier destination for agri-tourism.  With various groups such as the NTFFRA and the Farm Kids Scholarship fund willing to work together, along with the support of the residents of Barriere and area, this will become a reality. Barriere being tagged as the Rural Capital of B.C. would not be a bad thing.