Barriere’s 100th will start celebrations on Family Day

as the mayor sees it with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys - Barriere’s 100th will start celebrations on Family Day

It’s Barriere’s 100th birthday and we want to have a party.

Well, that is wrong, what we want to have is a celebration of our community. The plan is to have a series of events that are focused on participation and outright fun. The funding for these events will not come from taxes. We have a few generous sponsors already and will look for some more. The thought is that our residents pay taxes so that the District can provide essential services, and the extras should come out of the pockets of those generous souls that truly want to help out.

The first event will be on Family Day, starting at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Since the weather may not co-operate we will need to be flexible as to what the list of things to do will be and where the event will be held.

If it is cold then the rink will be put to good use, and if there is snow then there will be contests like a snowball toss, best snow angel and so on.

An update will happen the Thursday before the Family Day weekend. Be prepared to come out and enjoy yourselves. Bring your appetite, your parents and friends. You can leave your money at home.

We have had some sad news this last week. Ron Smith has passed on after a long struggle with cancer. Ron gave a great deal of his time to the community over the years. He contributed his skills whereever he could. He was instrumental in the construction of the field house in the Barriere Community Park and he also worked on the Agriplex. He will be missed by his family, his friends and his community.

Just this last Saturday, Gary Ruston, another long time contributor to his community passed away suddenly at his home. Mr. Ruston was a long serving member and Chief of the Blackpool Volunteer Fire Department. His dedication to his position as Fire Chief was much appreciated by his community and by the TNRD. There is a great deal of responsibility that goes along with the Fire Chief position, and Mr. Ruston carried out his duties for many years. He will be missed by his family and all those that knew him.

Here in Barriere the work on the sewer collection system is currently at a standstill while the District works through the process of getting permits to continue in light of the recent archeological find. As one resident said, there is always an upside. It may be that we may uncover an important archeological site and it will be a drawing point for many people that are interested in the heritage of our area. The truth is that we can always move the pipe if we have to. That would involve finding the funding to do so. Not an easy task but it is possible if needed.

The District is also working on the strategic planning for the coming year.  This is an important part of running the District. Council must decide on where the money is spent. As much as we would all like our favourite projects to go forward there simply is never enough funding for everything. It is not an option in local government to run a deficit budget.

On the up side we have had more than just a few people making inquires around moving to Barriere, and investors looking to open a business here.

In March we will be presenting what our community has to offer to the Provincial Nominee Program in Vancouver. This program brings together potential foreign investors with groups that have viable projects. We will be showcasing our portion of the valley as well as the District itself.

Up until now Kamloops was considered a small community. We intend to grow that concept into a regional view and leverage the potential our area has on the opportunities in the Kamloops area.

What does not fit in Kamloop, may be the right fit here in our area. We will never know unless we make investors aware of what we have.

Please drive safely as there is always a possibility of ice on the roads when the temperature drops.