Barriere’s own Tracy Thirds is announced as “Health Care Hero”

B.C. Health Care Awards recognize outstanding health care employees

Tracey Third

Tracey Third

The Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) recently announced the winners of the 7th annual Excellence in B.C. Health Care Awards, which recognize outstanding health care employees and reward innovation and best practices within B.C.’s publicly funded health care providers.   The awards shine a spotlight on health employees who are improving the provincial health care system and delivering outstanding care to the people of British Columbia.

One of the winners is Barriere’s Health Care Nurse, Tracey Third.

“For more than nine years, Tracey Third has worked as a Home Health Nurse in Barriere, a remote community in BC’s interior. Meeting the needs of a diverse clientele in a rural setting can be challenging. Travelling through all weather conditions, a rural Home Health Nurse looks after a range of patients from those recovering from surgery or chemotherapy to palliative care. She cares deeply and profoundly about her client’s welfare. It is her smile, her gentle approach and her thorough attention to detail that clients and colleagues have grown to love. What sets Tracey apart is her willingness to go that extra mile to ensure that proper care is provided. One client, a fiercely independent and feisty senior, refused home care service and ended up in hospital. Tracey persisted with patience and compassion, and was able to work with the client and her family to get her back home. One colleague remarked, ‘I only wish someday that I can become as good a nurse as she is… and I strive every day to keep that level of commitment in my work.’” – from HEABC’s website

Third was interested in nursing from an early age, and became a Health Nurse in 1977, moving to Barriere in 2003.  “A few months ago,” she stated, “I was shocked to hear that I had been nominated for this award.  Then in April, I was hugely shocked to find that I had won!”  Third is happy here in Barriere, and eventually intends to retire here.


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