Barriere’s young authors presented with Christmas Story prizes

Barriere’s young authors presented with Christmas Story prizes

Prizes from the Star/Journal’s Christmas Story contest presented to the four young authors

In November, the Star/Journal asked the kiddos to tell us about their favourite Christmas traditions or create a Christmas story.

Well, we received those stories and have chosen some winners!

Two categories were created, kindergarten to Grade 3 and Grade 4 to Grade 7.

Entrants were required to write a piece no more than 400 words and about one of three themes: what would you do, and why, if you were able to visit the North Pole?; what is your favourite Christmas tradition and why?; and how did the Canada Goose bring Christmas to the barnyard?

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Josie Crosman was awarded number one spot from the first division and was presented with a $25 cheque from Black Press Media.

In the second division, Grace Farrow was presented with a $10 prize and Curtis Farrow with a $15 prize, with the top prize awarded to Claireese Bourque at $25.

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