Battle of the Books at BES

Barrire elementary School students (l to r) Brooke Hartman

Barrire elementary School students (l to r) Brooke Hartman

After a winter of reading and noon hour practices, Barriere Elementary School held its annual Battle of the Books competition at the end of March. Hannah Feller looked after score keeping and Shailee McMartin timed the presentations. The school’s PAC donated money for the prizes.

The first place winners of the competition were to compete at the Zone Battle of the Books on April 13th, which is then followed by the District Battle on April 20th.

School winners of the March 30 competition were:

Gr. 3/4: 1st –Halle Smith, and Taylynn Eustache

2nd- Katie McInnes, Pamela Lefeuvre, and Brooke Hartman

3rd- Sammy Jones, Kamryn Cousins, and Megan Booth

Gr. 5: 1st- Wyatt MacLaren, Braeden Krause, and Madison Kerslake

2nd- Lauren Tremblay, Brendan Mucha, and Tyler Schilling

3rd- Sammy-Jo Williams, Tyra Noble, and Katherine Pelayo

Gr. 6/7: 1st- Sara Smith, Kathleen Pilatzke, and Leanna Mitchell

2nd- Kiera Eustache, Audrey Kibble, and Vanessa Balatti

Best Costumes:

Gr.  3/4: Katie McInnes, Pamela Lefeuvre, Brooke Hartman

Gr.  5: Sammy-Jo Williams, Tyra Noble, Katherine Pelayo

Gr.  6/7: Kiera Eustache, Audrey Kibble, Vanessa Balatti

Best Posters:

Gr.  3/4: Halle Smith, Taylynn Eustache

Gr.  5: Lauren Tremblay, Brendan Mucha, Tyler Schilling

Gr.  7: Sara Smith, Kathleen Pilatzke, Leanna Mitchell