Bear kills goats in Louis Creek

Residents warned bear in the area has mauled and killed a number of miniature goats

Louis Creek residents in the area of Country Store Antiques are being warned that there is a bear in the area that mauled and killed a number of miniature goats within an enclosure outside a local residence last Sunday.  Conservation officers responded and have set a bear trap in the hopes that this will catch the bear alive and it can be relocated.

Residents are also being advised to make sure they have no garden produce, fruit, bird feeders, pet food, barbecues or garbage outdoors which can all be attractants for bears, especially at this time of year.

The BC Conservation Office Bear Aware webpage has the following information for those who may encounter a bear:

If you see a bear in your community or around your home remain calm. Often the bear is just passing through looking for food.

Keep away from the bear, bring your children and pets indoors and warn your neighbours.

If the bear is threatening, persistent or aggressive, call the Conservation Service Officer in your area or your local police.

If you come across a bear in the wild remember that every bear encounter is unique so there are no steadfast rules which can be applied to every situation.

If you meet a bear in the wild, try to remain calm. Never approach or chase the bear, instead face the bear without making eye contact and back away slowly. Take the same route out that you came in. Try to keep track of the bear’s location, but again, don’t challenge the bear by making eye contact.

If the bear makes blowing or snorting noises and then charges and veers off at the last second this is likely defensive behavior so continue to back away.

Extend your arms above your head appearing as large as you can, talk in a gruff voice, and look for a weapon such as a rock or stick. Try dropping your pack to distract the bear, but only do this if absolutely necessary because the bear could learn to pursue people for their packs.  Climb a tree as a last resort.