Building for Search & Rescue should be starting soon

As The Mayor Sees It with District of Barriere Mayor Bill Humphreys

As you can tell, the work on the collection portion of the wastewater system has started once again.

The contractor for the archeological study is also working to see if there are any sites that may require more investigation.

This work is being done by digging a trench with a backhoe, and once the soils have been checked the trench is filled in.

The District realizes that this work may cause some inconvenience to residents, and we ask that you please be patient. Both contractors are doing their best to get the work done in a timely fashion.

The spring melt has started and the District will be checking the condition on the dikes within District boundaries. If you have property that is adjacent to a dike you may see workers on the dike doing this work. Again we would ask that property owners understand that access is needed to do this work, and try to accommodate access as needed.

As I have mentioned previously the Barriere Search And Rescue (SAR) team is looking for a permanent home. The District council has agreed to allow the SAR group the use of a portion of land just behind the Fire Hall and adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant. Hopefully they will be able to start construction on their new building soon, and be able to occupy it before winter. They may have to do some fund raising in the next while and I would urge those that can contribute be as generous as possible.

Speaking of being generous, I noticed that a good number of residents attended the recent fund raising events put on by our recently created local Barriere First Responder Society. They have hosted everything from a car wash and hot dog sale, to a spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings. By all accounts the results of their fund raising efforts were very positive.

As part of Emergency Preparedness week all of our local Emergency Services groups had a display at the AG Foods location.  Many thanks to all those that contributed both time and money to the cause. Your continuing help is much appreciated.  We all have a huge debt to all of the Emergency Service members that give so much of themselves to keep us safe.

The District is still working on the recently proposed zoning bylaw. The Public Hearing for this bylaw will be held during the regular council meeting on May 26. This hearing will provide the last chance for public input prior to council considering adopting the bylaw. There is no reason to wait for the public hearing though, as staff will gladly take your concerns or suggestions prior to the hearing date.  The bylaw is available on the District website.

The District council directed staff to seek out funding sources for some of our larger projects. They currently are exploring the possibility of applying for a Western Diversity Grant for funds to service the lots in our recently acquired industrial park. There is a need for at least water to all of the sites. The water would have to be both potable and for fire protection.  One thought is to have a split system and install a plant that would only treat so much of the water. This way the amount of treated potable water can be provided at a reasonable cost.

A few years ago a well was drilled on the land, but once it became clear the District was not going to get possession of the property for some time the project was stopped. The well was not flow tested, and no screens were installed during that time. Consequently we do not have any data around what the yield of the well might be at this time. The existing reservoir has yet to be checked by an engineer to see if it can be used. If it does prove to be sound and can be put to good use, that will save some money going forward.

It is spring at last and we all want to be outside enjoying ourselves. There are some regulations around fires. To that end, please note that burning restrictions are in place as of May 15.