Busy time for new Mayor

As the Mayor sees it with District of Barriere Mayer Bill Humphreys

It has been a busy time in the last few days. We have been going over submissions for the upcoming forum in Valemount with Minister Bell of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation.

When I checked on the suitability of the submissions I was told some have gone off to members of the Ministry staff for review which is a good thing. Good work on these Colleen Hannigan and Andrew Hayward.

Speaking of Andrew he has been awarded a contract to do the Industrial Economic Development work for the District of Barriere. In addition to this role he will be doing regional work as well. Andrew will work with local and area businesses to attract investors and new enterprises to Barriere and the other portions of the region that wish to use his services. This is very much inline with the District of Barriere’s mandate to work with other communities for the mutual benefit of all.

This focus around promoting a regional economic growth plan is the driver for the forums being held by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation.

The manager for our area, Myles Bruns has been working long hours to ensure the most progress for all the participants in the Valemount forum. His efforts and the efforts of the rest of the Ministry team are much appreciated now and will be in the future when their hard work bears fruit.

There was a good turnout at the last council meeting. Shawn Fadear spoke in favour of continuing the latest push for Economic Development and regrowth. Thanks to all that came to listen and offer their views and ideas.

At the council meeting there was a mention of the MOTI group doing a presentation to council at the next meeting. This has been changed. Please check the District website for details.

The District website will also have the names of the Chairpersons and Council members of the Standing and Select Committees as appointed by the Mayor and/or elected by Council.

The dates of these committee meetings will be posted there as well. I hope members of the community will come out and participate in the discussions.

Some of the Councillors as well as myself will be out of town for portions of time in the next few weeks. There is some training to complete and some meetings to attend. I will provide an update on these events after they are completed.

In closing I would like to say how happy it makes me to see the local rink being used.

Yes the weather has been against us but there were a few young skaters using what little was there along the edges and in the corners. Once again Al Fortin and his group of volunteers are trying their best, if only it would stay cold.

Stay warm and safe everyone.

Bill Humphreys


District of Barriere

January 12, 2012