Canadian Cancer Society in Barriere in need of area volunteers for April 1

Canadian Cancer Society in community raises funds to help community members through annual initiatives

(L-r) Canadian Cancer Society Barriere rep

(L-r) Canadian Cancer Society Barriere rep

Anne Genier started the Barriere unit of the Canadian Cancer Society many years ago.  Val Stamer got involved in the organization back in 1991, working with the Curl For Cancer Spiel, which was chaired at the time by Jessie Price.

That was the first year for the Curling Spiel.  It was very profitable for many years, ending a few years ago due to lack of curlers.

Val canvassed for many years in the Door to Door Campaign and helped with daffodil sale.

Then in 2000, she became a board member and took over chairing special events, including several of the Curl For Cancer Spiels and daffodil sales.

For the last five years, Val has been the president and spokesperson for the Barriere unit.

Much of the work that had to be done in the past is now done through the regional office in Kelowna, with some help from the Kamloops office.  The whole structure of the Canadian Cancer Society has changed dramatically over the years.  Now, there are so many rules and regulations, that there aren’t many things left that are done on a local level.

However, some things do still get done at the local level by local volunteers.

Daffodil Sales: This usually takes place around the end of March.  This year it will be on Friday, Apr. 1.  Eight volunteers are needed to sell daffodils from the Barriere AG Foods foyer and at Interior Savings.

Daffodil Pin Boxes : Throughout the month of April, donation boxes are at the tills in various locations in Barriere, and at Jim’s Food Market in Little Fort.  Only one volunteer is needed for this job, as all it entails is dropping off the boxes at the beginning of the month and picking them back up again at the end of the month.

Door-to-Door Canvas: This also takes place during the month of April.  “We urgently need a Chairperson for this program.  I have been doing this with help from Lindsay Arcand and Kim Rhodes,” Val reported, “but I am not prepared to continue in that role.”  This job requires a minimum of 20 volunteers (besides the Chair), although more would not be turned down – the more volunteers, the greater the area that can be covered.

Some communities no longer do the Door-to-Door Canvassing, as they can’t find enough volunteers to help.  Instead, they set up tables at various locations and take in donations that way.  However, this still would involve needing a fair number of volunteers to take shifts.

Quilt & Gift Basket Raffle – six to eight volunteers are needed for this job, which entails selling the raffle tickets at least two days at AG Foods in late October or early November, then at the No-Host Bazaar in November, at which time the winner is drawn.

At the moment, Val states that they don’t have sufficient members to hold a proper meeting.  “I organize all the events, act as spokesperson and contact person, and look for volunteers to help.”

Those wishing to help out in any way should contact Val, either by email:, or by phone: 250-672-9655.