Cariboo Buckaroo theatre production in Little Fort

Cariboo Buckaroo, Little Fort

The Little Fort Recreation Society will be hosting the Cariboo Buckaroo, a 90 minute theatrical production from Victoria’s Theatre SKAM, on Oct. 12, at 7 p.m. at the Little Fort Community Hall.

Theatre SKAM is a professional theatre company with a 16 year track record of presenting polished, high-quality plays both in Canada and internationally.

Cariboo Buckaroo is the story of three actual events in our province’s history as told from the perspective of an old hand who leads beef trains through the territory that is about to be named British Columbia.  Over the course of a cattle drive, the old hand relates these tales in humourous fashion to a young green horn who longs to be a real buckaroo.

The show is highly theatrical, suitable for all ages, and contains elements of music.  There will be a nominal charge of $5 for anyone wanting to be part of the audience.  For tickets, call Barb at 250-677-4367.