Celebrate Garden Day this Friday

Canada’s inaugural Garden Day will be this Friday, June 14, 2013

Canada’s Garden Day will be celebrated for the first time this year.  It is intended to be an annual celebration of public gardens and green spaces that will take place on the Friday before Father’s Day each year.  Canada’s inaugural Garden Day will be this Friday, June 14.

Canada’s Garden Day is a commitment to celebrate the role and many benefits of gardens in our communities as esthetic, environmental, recreational, cultural and tourism experiences.  It is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all public gardens, whether botanical, educational, specialty, arboreta, or historic in nature.

Public gardens are enjoyable, low/or no-cost, beautiful places for families, children and gardening enthusiasts of all ages to visit. They provide important recreation and community venues while also serving as inspiring natural educational tools, informative resources and examples of conservation and environmental stewardship.

Gardening has many health benefits, too.  It can help alleviate stress and burn calories; it will help you  limber up and move your muscles. Vegetable gardens are a source of healthy foods, while flower gardens help create a scene of tranquility that can help you relax. Gardens are also important for the environment.  By capturing and filtering rainwater, gardens help prevent potential contaminants from flowing into rivers, streams, lakes and other surface water sources.  Plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which helps reduce the ‘greenhouse effect’ we hear so much about lately.  Gardens also teach us about conservation and the natural beauty of the world around us. Come out and visit Barriere’s Community Garden (behind the Library), or take the time to visit a neighbours garden, or sit outside and enjoy your own garden.  For more info about this new National Day, visit www.canadasgardenday.ca, follow Canada’s Garden Day on Twitter @CanadaGardenDay and Like it on Facebook.