Census jobs still available in the area

Statistics Canada announced last week it is staffing 35,000 jobs across Canada to work on the 2011 Census collection which will take place this May.

Stats Canada say staff are still required for a variety of supervisory and non-supervisory jobs between March and mid-August 2011.

“For the distribution area, covering Barriere, and the areas from Heffley Creek to Clearwater, Statistics Canada is hiring approximately 30 people. Job opportunities are still available in the area and we are actively recruiting in Barriere and the surrounding areas; jobs are available in both supervisory and non-supervisory positions,” Mehnaz Thawer, Communications Officer for Statistics Canada, told this reported on Feb. 17, 2011,

Asked if Barriere area people who have already applied for these non-office jobs have been contacted or hired yet, Thawer replied, “ We are still in the process of reviewing applications, and running testing sessions in the area.”  

The door-to-door Census target start date is in May of this year. 

“Training will start at different times, depending on the area, and the number of staff,” says  Thawer, “To date we have not finalized the hiring for the area supervisor in Barriere as yet, and are still actively hiring.

She also notes that screening of local applications started in mid-February and are currently underway.

The rates of pay range from $14.72 to $18.04 an hour, plus authorized expenses. 

About 5,000 crew leaders and assistants, and around 30,000 census enumerators will be hired across the country.  Crew leaders train, lead and supervise a team of enumerators.  Enumerators distribute census questionnaires, conduct personal interviews and do follow-up interviews by phone.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, eligible to work in Canada, and able to commit at least 20 hours a week, including days, evenings, weekends and holidays as required.  They will need a driver’s licence and access to a vehicle in some areas.  Candidates should be computer literate and have a home computer with access to the Internet.

Apply online at www.census2011.gc.ca.