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Clearwater Humane Society is searching for a forever home for Paisley

Clearwater Humane Society is searching for a forever home for Paisley
Paisley is a two year old Doberman cross Great Dane merle female who stands 30” at the shoulder looking for her forever home and people. She is currently in Clearwater and if interested you can contact the humane society at: (Photo by: Clearwater Humane Society)

Executive director of the Clearwater Humane Society, Maddy Beka Capostinsky, describes a very special dog looking for a forever home saying, “Paisley is a two year old Doberman cross Great Dane merle female standing 30 inches at the shoulder. She is a beautiful, bouncy, silly, big girl that is an absolute sweetheart. Paisley is a mix of two guarding breeds and as such she takes to the post naturally. She has a big voice and likes to use it to warn anyone and everyone that her property is hers. She is also quite aloof to strangers, at least for the first few times of meeting them, and will duck out of the way of pettings and keep her distance for a while. She isn’t fearful, just cautious.”

Beka Capostinsky says Paisley is an energetic dog that loves to run and play and has not yet been “tested” with livestock. She is awaiting her spay appointment and the director explains, “We consider her same-sex selective, as she tends to consider intact female dogs as competition, and some spayed females are somewhat questionable too, depending on their personality style. Paisley is therefore seeking a home with no female dogs. She would benefit from a neutered, male, large-breed dog friend/brother, however.”

Beka Capostinsky feels that Paisley would “benefit tremendously from having a job to do” and gives examples of keeping her busy by going on hikes, running alongside her person’s bike, or engaging in some fun play. She has been muzzle trained although she is not aggressive at all.

“We’ve muzzle trained her as a safety practice. Paisley can be an intense dog at times, and if playing with spayed female dogs she should be muzzled to prevent potential harm in case the play intensifies over her threshold. She is crate trained and can be left for about six hours, but that shouldn’t be the norm. She minds her manners well, has good leash walking skills, and is always eager to please. Paisley is a sensitive dog that needs a loving, kind, yet firm person, ideally with guarding breed or high-drive breed experience. A fenced yard would be ideal for her.”

If you think you may be a good match for Paisley please contact the society at: or private message the society’s Facebook page under the title Clearwater Humane Society, British Columbia. CLICK RIGHT HERE to get there directly.

The Clearwater Humane Society is a not-for-profit animal rescue group and appreciates all donations and serves the North Thompson Valley

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