Community Hearts deliver Community Spirit in the North Thompson

Everywhere you go in this valley, The North Thompson Valley, it’s there. Following, lingering, soaring, reaching, teaching, working, singing, playing, organizing, coordinating, sweating, cleaning, cooking, supporting, photographing, planting, painting, fighting through the flames and smoke. It’s undeniable! This valley thrives and strives thanks to the vibrant community spirit bubbling, bouncing, and electrifying hearts into action time and time again!

I can’t help but comment as I travel up and down the North Thompson Valley again and again, how deeply it touches me to observe, see and feel the sincere compassion and passion of so many hard working, caring, sharing individuals, groups, organizations, non profits and contributors that are moving and shaking, inspiring others to do the same.

In these past weeks I’ve had the honour of being present for the North Thompson Communities Foundation 20th Anniversary celebrated in Barriere in Clearwater, listened to the personal stories and first hand accounts in the 20 years since the 2003 fires which moved me to tears, reported on fire updates again in the same area hearing such praise for those volunteers and first responders rushing to fight and aid and applaud the efforts of communities accomplishments up and down the valley. From the grand opening of the Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in Blue River, to ribbon cuttings celebrating new fire hall additions in Vavenby and Blackpool and the significant cheque presentations to Simpcw First Nation and Evergreen Acres Seniors Housing from the North Thompson Communities Foundation both of which will benefit so many who live in the valley.

Talking with dedicated men and women who serve in all our communities with Search and Rescue, Volunteer Fire and Rescue, RCMP, Hospice, Hospital Auxiliary, Yoga, Meditation, Summer stage music evenings in both Barriere and Clearwater, the inclusive contributions of Valley Pride, the Royal Purple, Senior Society, Gardening Clubs, Library kids programs, Heritage Museum, Art Shows, Car Shows, Speedway and Animal groups. So many incredible things happening in our ‘home’ valley. The announcement of the YCS and United Way Food Hub linked to community gardens, farmers markets and gleaning programs and supporting the food banks and nutrition food coupons. Simpcw and the North Thompson Aboriginal Cultural Centre continuing to share, educate and support valley initiatives with rich cultural activities. I’m so looking forward to the wide variety of community participation during this year’s North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo. I feel your pride and enthusiasm everywhere I go. You turn up, show up and give your all! The support towards both Mayors and Councils and in turn their dedication to residents is exemplary. If I’ve missed mentioning someone or a group – I’m sure our paths will continue to cross and I invite you to continue to stay in touch, share your stories, concerns and suggestions for stories and articles to us here at Black Press in Clearwater and Barriere including all points in the valley. We need your support too as we face the challenge of being blocked on Facebook, please sign up for free to our newsletters and receive news daily to your email. Your support truly matters in validating the hard work of Canadian journalists to continue to bring you news and keep you informed.

Can’t wait to see you, talk to you or read your email. Remember, you are welcome to write a letter to the editor, submit (by Friday afternoon) or share your ideas with us. We welcome your input.

I’ll end this with a thank you to one and all. Thank you for the hugs, for the photos, invitations, encouragement, constructive critique, and ideas. Our North Thompson Team truly cares about this beautiful valley and all of you. We’ve got you covered!

Hettie Buck / Editor for Barriere Star/Journal and The Clearwater Times