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Complaint of mischief at Trans Mountain site in Clearwater

Submitted by G.D. Simpson

May 22

At about 1:00 a.m., Cst. Klassen observed a vehicle drive northbound on Highway 5 through Little Fort, B.C. at a high rate of speed. He believed the vehicle was speeding.

Cst. Klassen caught up to the vehicle at Humming Bird Drive. While catching up to the vehicle, the RCMP member noted the vehicle swerving in its lane, going over the center line. The driver was a local 42-year-old male, identified with photo BC Driver’s Licence identification.

There were cans of unopened beer noted beside his vehicle. An ASD demand was read, with two “fails” following. A 90-day driving prohibition was served, as well as a 30-day vehicle impound. One of the local vehicle recovery companies attended and towed the vehicle to their impound lot. The driver’s licence was also seized and Cst. Klassen drove the male home. All pertinent documentation faxed to Motor Vehicle Branch.

Later that morning at about 8:30 a.m., Trans Mountain security called the RCMP to report a mischief complaint at the Trans Mountain camp located at 290 Camp 2 Road in Clearwater, B.C.

Security advised that a smaller black truck with box rails was caught on video surveillance at 2:00 a.m. throwing fireworks along the fence. Cst. Meyer attended and met with security personnel. No damage was noted, and the fireworks did not enter the camp compound. Video surveillance and still photos were obtained and attached to the police file.

Cst. Meyer advised the security team to call police at the time of the incident. He also conducted patrols and located the suspect vehicle driven and registered to a local 20-year-old male. Cst. Meyer confirmed with the suspect that he and a friend in the passenger seat (who was intoxicated) were driving by the site that morning and had shot off fireworks.

The male attended with police to apologize to the security team for their actions. A verbal warning was provided to the driver who is responsible for the actions of his passenger in the vehicle he is operating. He made it clear that he has no problems with Trans Mountain and the pipeline and is not a protester. Security was provided the police file number.

Sgt. G.D. Simpson is the detachment commander at the Clearwater RCMP detachment.

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