The multi-use court in Barriere is situated on the corner of Airfield Road and Park Road. (Jill Hayward photo)

Confusion over multi-use court in Barriere explained

To the editor;

This is a response to the skateboarder’s letters on May 26, 2022, regarding the pickleball players not sharing the courts.

We would like to make it very clear that the Barriere Outdoor Pickleball Club are more than happy to share the courts on Airfield Road.

Two years ago when the courts were in desperate need of being repaired and upgraded much consideration was given to provide many user groups with recreation and the courts were intentionally designed to be a multipurpose court, not just a court for pickleball.

We currently have six pickleball nets set up on these new refurbished courts and they are only on half the court. The net at the far end of the court that runs perpendicular to the courts is a tennis net, not a pickleball net. This tennis net is also a portable net, so it can be moved relatively easy so other sports can be played there. As well, at this end of the court there are also basketball courts lines painted on, and the district has plans to put up two basketball hoops once financing becomes available.

In addition; even though our club has supported the district by helping them raise money for the courts and attended work bees to get the courts ready for the new asphalt that was recently applied, it is the district who has the final decision regarding all court matters, decisions like setting up nets and whether courts get locked at night or not.

In the past whenever we have had any issues or concerns with the courts we have communicated directly with the district, (as opposed to anonymously writing our grievances in the newspaper or on facebook), and the district has always tried very hard to accommodate us even though they are extremely busy this time of the year. For these reasons, we have no doubt they would listen to the skateboarders as well.

Recreation is for everyone and the Barriere Outdoor Club’s (BOC) volunteers work very hard to provide recreation for the community of Barriere by providing many outdoor activities, not just pickleball, and so does the district. When you work together with people it is amazing what can come together.

That skateboard park will be very nice once it is done. Thank you to all the people who have collaborated for years to bring this form of recreation to our small community of Barriere.


Mary MacLennan

Vice-president of the BOC,

“Alone we can do so little;

Together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller


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