Council vote unanimous to take $43,350 from road reserves for extra paving

District of Barriere May 11, council meeting highlights

At a May 7th Special Council Meeting full width paving of Barkley, Kivi and Conner Roads was approved for a price of $43,350 to be taken from Road Reserves. Road boulevard rehabilitation will follow paving which will hopefully begin next week. Council wants to thank everyone again for their patience and cooperation during this project. Everyone will be happy to hear that the rocks will no longer be located at the four-way stop.

The Fire Chief reported that the number of fire calls was up in April from four last year to 10 this year. Many of these were minor, but there was one house fire in Glen Grove, and the district also sent the RAT truck and the water tanker out of the jurisdiction to the McLure Restaurant fire. A yard grass burn also got out of control and encroached onto a neighboring property. The Chief has asked that everyone limit any burning to half a metre by half a metre and to keep their eyes on the district websites and signage that will be posted at the fire hall if there is a full fire ban including campfires.

Council sent their congratulations and good wishes to the new Chief, Fred Fortier and Band Councilors Tina Donald, Tom Eustache, George Lampreau, Ron Lampreau Jr., Shelly Loring and Don Matthew at Simpcw First Nation. A new service agreement has been reached for the District of Barriere to provide Fire Protection Services to the Louis Creek IR#4.

In an effort to improve citizen engagement, the District will be providing copies of the council highlights and other district news in the lobby of the grocery store. This will expand on the number of people we can reach beyond the existing articles in the Star/Journal, on the radio and posted on the district website at

Earlier in the day, council sitting as Committee of the Whole met with Greg Smith from Gilbert Smith Forest Products to review the landscaping that has been done along the highway adjacent to the mill on Conner Road.  A number of indigenous plantings have survived the first winter on top of a new irrigated berm. Smith explained that they would like to concentrate their efforts on this area and the corner of Borthwick and Conner and let the northerly portion of the property grow up naturally promising to preserve the new growth that was occurring in this area north to the Barriere River trailhead parking area.

Suzanne Butcher, from Yellowhead Community Services (YCS) also attended Council with plans for some renovations to accommodate a new multi-age daycare at the Ridge for September. Stay tuned for more information from YCS on this new proposed service.

Submitted by District of Barriere.