District budget has surplus in some areas

The next general District of Barriere council meeting will be held on February 18, at 7 p.m.

Council members spent a few minutes going over the 2012 budget review at the Feb. 4, District of Barriere council meeting.  The accountants will be going over the paperwork in the next few months and will have the finalized report ready by April.

The numbers may adjust very slightly, but it looks like the District did fairly well: total revenue $2,975,207.84, total expenditures  $2,892,359.68, leaving a surplus of $229,753.11; total Water Budget revenue $923,204.29, total Water Budget expenditures $821,865.54, leaving a surplus of $84,742.46; total Sewer Budget revenue  $19,970.36, total Sewer Budget expenditures $36,547.42, leaving a deficit of $16,577.06; and finally, total Wastewater Budget revenue  $329,526.59, total Wastewater Budget expenditures $328,486.11, leaving a surplus of $1,040.48.

Council members heard a short presentation about the Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA) 2013 Convention, from SILGA rep Tim Pennell.  Pennell gave a brief description of SILGA’s goals and objectives, as well as describing some of the speakers that will be present at the convention.

Chief Administrative Officer, Colleen Hannigan, reported to council on several ongoing projects.  The number of committee members for the Heritage Project is growing, with the main focus currently being on getting the details sorted in order to send in the grant application.  Some 30k speed limit signs have been ordered for Barriere Town Road for placement near the Ridge.

Barriere citizen, Barry Thorn, asked council a few questions.  First – any word on when The Bear Radio Station will be back on the air?  Council members reported that the CRTC is working on the file, and could have the final approval as early as next week – or it could take until April.  Thorn also asked what the timeline was for the sewer lines to go in down Barriere Town Road?  Mayor Humphreys replied that most of the permits are in place, and they are just waiting for the last right of way to come through.  Announcements will be made prior to any work beginning.


The next general council meeting will be held on February 18, at 7 p.m.