District encouraging locals with knowledge regarding area roads to step forward

as the mayor sees it with District of Barriere mayor Bill Humphreys

Recently the Districted acquired another “new to us” pickup truck. Derek Stamer was kind enough to offer the District a deal we could not pass up on one of their company trucks. This unit will see good service in the parks carrying staff and tools to the various worksites around the District.

Stamer Logging has also been exceptionally generous with the use of their other equipment to get a multitude of tasks done around the parks. Over the years the Stamer family have been great supporters of our community. I would like to offer on behalf of council our gratitude for their dedication and continuing generosity.

The weather this spring has been unusually hot. Combine this with ongoing problems with the irrigation systems installed in our parks, and the oval turf and the grass in other areas has taken a real beating.

District staff is working to get the watering back online but another problem crops up as soon as one is fixed. It strikes me, that this irrigation system has had from the start a multitude of problems for some reason. I find that odd to the point of being totally strange. The fact is it needs to be fixed. We will go forward and make that happen.

Our student workers have recently joined the District team. Soon they will be a regular sight around the parks completing the various tasks that need to be done.

Our new seasonal parks worker, Norma Bingham, has also been hired, and has been working away for the last few weeks. Already she has completed such projects as trimming the hedge in front of the cemetery, and various other springtime chores. With the combined efforts of the students and Ms. Bingham, areas that need attention such as the pathway near the community garden and our District pump house grounds should be in fine shape this year.

The District council is continuing in its ongoing efforts to bring a high level of service to our community. Going forward the goal is to provide good value to our residents for effort expended and dollars spent. If residents come across areas that need attention,  or things that cause concern, please do not hesitate to call the District office and let Ms. Hannigan know. Should you choose to do so, you can approach your favourite councillor with your concerns. Your privacy and anonymity in these matters will always be respected.

The winter roads maintenance schedule was presented to council at the last regular council meeting.  Councillor Stamer brought up a very valid point, that such items as the priority level of various roads need to be brought to council for their input.

In addition to this,  it was pointed out that some residents have a wealth of local knowledge and this should be called upon rather than paying a consultant that is from elsewhere.

It is very important that our local roads are maintained to a level that satisfies our needs, not some generic model possibly from another area that has no bearing on where we are.

Staff was directed to set a meeting and include all those that may have input. I ask that anyone that has knowledge to share should contact the office and have your name added to the list.

I respect the fact that there is great value in listening to those that have actually done the work rather than relying on an “expert’ from out of town.

There was a great turn out at the Town Hall meeting around the water main borrowing referendum. I want to thank all that turned out to ask questions. I hope that staff was able to set everyone’s mind at ease as to why this water main upgrade is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

This upgrade is only part of the upgrades that now need to be done.

The District strives to provide services such as water, at the highest level possible, and to maintain resources in a responsible manner.

The referendum advance poll is May 15,  and the regular vote is on May 25, both of which will be held at the District offices. Please make the effort to come and vote.