District extends contract with EDO and announces committee chairs for 2012

District extends contract with EDO and announces committee chairs for 2012

One of the first orders of business at the January 9 District of Barriere council meeting, was to hear a petition from local business owner Shawn Fadear regarding the Economic Development contract extention, on which the council would be voting on during this meeting.

Fadear spoke for extending the contract with the current Economic Development Officer (EDO), Andrew Hayward.  Fadear also encouraged the Mayor and Council to invite local businesses and citizens to join in the conversations and meetings on economic development.

Later in the meeting council members passed a motion to extend the current EDO’s services; changing the form from contract employee to a non-exclusive contractor until the end of December 2012, at which time it will again be reviewed by Council.  The contract will be limited to $2,800 per month which will include all expenses and applicable taxes, with the exception of a cell phone plan that will be paid for by the District.

Council members passed the first reading of the District of Barriere Council Procedures Bylaw #100.  This bylaw will now go to a public hearing prior to passing the second and third readings.

Chief Administrative Officer, Colleen Hannigan, reported on the status of several District projects:

• Staff are in the process of finalizing an application requesting funding assistance for a Canada Day event at the Bandshell.

• Three First Responders have now been trained in Barriere. Simpcw First Nation has contacted the District about some joint training which would allow the District to increase these numbers, hopefully to at least five.  Sun Peaks has offered to do the training, and training would take place in either Chu Chua or Barriere.  The goal is to have the training done by the end of March. Staff will now be working at setting up mutual aid agreements with McLure and Little Fort, similar to the one they currently have with Chu Chua.

• Talks are ongoing with local sewage contractors regarding the next steps in the design phase of the project.

• The water meter project has been delayed due to some PM staffing issues with the contractor.  There will likely be no movement on the project until late spring or early summer.

Fire Chief Al Kirkwood has been in touch with School District #73 regarding burning of the debris pile behind the elementary school.  This will be done on a day when there are no children at school, so likely on a weekend.

At the end of the  meeting when members of the public in attendance were given an opportunity to ask questions or give comments, Richard Lowe requested that council consider putting in microphones, as it was difficult for him to hear some of the meeting.  Mayor Humphreys replied that council and staff have already started looking into this.

The 2012 Standing Committees of Council have now been appointed as follows:

• Public Safety and Community Services – Chair, Councillor Paula

This committee monitors and supports programs related to public safety and the environment, dealing with crime and fire prevention services, as well as the planning and delivery of fire services.

• Finance and Audit and Parcel Tax Roll Review – Chair, Councillor Stanley

This committee monitors and makes recommendations to all of council on the District’s financial matters.

• Parks – Chair, Councillor Smith

This committee coordinates the use and maintenance of existing parks and trails, as well as the planning and development of new parks and trails within the District.

• Public Works – Chair, Councillor Kershaw

This committee monitors and supports the planning and delivery of water, wastewater, solid waste, roads, well head protection and pollution control services.

• Development – Chair, Councillor Stamer

This committee  monitors and supports the delivery of community and economic development programs; develops and coordinates the implementation of programs related to tourism and conventions, and coordinates the planning and implementation of town revitalization and business retention and development.

• First Nation Liaison – Chair, Mayor Humphreys

This committee will meet with and continue to strengthen relations with Simpcw First Nation Band Council and community.

• Cemetery – Chair, Councillor Smith

This committee makes recommendations to Council on the future development, operation and maintenance of the Barriere Cemetery. Other members of this committee are Councillor Pat Paula, TNRD Director Bonnie CruzelleMyram, Lorraine Thorn, Fr. Donal O’Reilly, Brent Hamblin, Leanne Hamblin, and advisor Drake Smith.

• Bandshell – Chair, Councillor Sabyan

This committee works to promote the use of the Barriere Bandshell and makes recommendations to Council regarding any issues concerning the Bandshell.

The next regular District of Barriere Council meeting will be on Monday, January 23, at 7 p.m. Members of the public are welcome to attend.