District learns from MOT road responsibilities

District of Barriere working with MOT to define responsibilities for road maintenance in 2013

Sporting a 2012 newly designed Fall Fair t-shirt

Sporting a 2012 newly designed Fall Fair t-shirt

The District of Barriere held a general meeting on April 16; earlier in the day they had two public meetings to present the District Budget for 2012, one at 1 p.m. and one at 6:30 p.m. for which only two people showed up.

Two delegations attended the evening general meeting to speak to council.  The first up was Jill Hayward, president of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association, who sported the fall fair’s newly designed t-shirt with the 2012 theme of ‘bulls, boots, and broncs’.  Hayward addressed the mayor, council, and District staff in thanking them for their ongoing support and assistance in fundraising for the North Thompson Agriplex project.  “We greatly appreciate the District issuing charitable receipts for those who have donated to the Agriplex, and for all the assistance staff has put forward in helping us to obtain the Community Recreation Grant from the province,” said Hayward, “Thank you for being a part of team Agriplex!”    Hayward then presented a framed photograph of 4H youngsters showing their cattle within the Agriplex at last year’s fall fair, which also featured a plaque thanking the District for all of their assistance and support.  Mayor Humphreys accepted the presentation on behalf of the District of Barriere.

The next delegation was from the Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure (MOTI): Shawn Clough, Bart Chenuz, Dennis Kurylowich (acting Operations Manager for Harvey Nelson), and Donalda Ricthie (acting District Manager for Sherry Eland). They reported on a variety of items regarding the roads in and around Barriere.

The proposed left hand turn lane at Mountain Road will not be happening this year, and the preferred web-camera location south of the community has been selected to go at the weather station just north of Fish Trap.  The Barriere Lakes Road reotech report is being finalized and should be ready in approximately two weeks.

Line painting from the highway at the Petro-Can to the high school will be done in the near future.  This will be the side bars only, not the centre line.  The rest of the line painting (centre lines, stop bars, crosswalks, etc.) have been measured so that cost estimates can now be obtained.  MOTI is responsible for the highway only, the District of Barriere is responsible for all other roads, including the stop bars on roads approaching the highway.

Agate Bay Road will be repaved from Johnson Lake to the highway sometime this summer.  The highway passing lane northbound after the bridge will be shortened, and the passing lanes on the highway near Rainer’s farm will be removed entirely.

And finally, the delegation asked council for permission to allow trucks to be pulled over onto area frontage roads to aid with Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement checks.  The checks will provide better opportunities to control  the speed of commercial vehicles traveling through Barriere.

Two bylaws had their first, second and third readings – the Financial Plan bylaw No. 90, and the Tax Rates 2012 bylaw No. 91.

Council members passed a resolution allowing a development variance permit to be issued for the property at 4856 Lodgepole Road.  (Details of this DVP can be seen online at the District of Barriere’s website.)  They also passed a motion for a temporary use permit to be issued to allow the sale of pellets as an additional permitted use on the property at 4265 Yellowhead Highway., subject to verification for the Land Title Office regarding title.

After some lengthy discussion, including hearing from resident Murray Purcha who spoke against the permit, council members passed a motion to issue a temporary use permit to allow stand-alone offices not necessarily associated with the principal use on the property, to be permitted in the existing office space within the existing industrial building at 4761 Gilbert Drive, in the Barrier Industrial Park.

Council members passed a motion proposing to pass a resolution allowing a development variance permit to be issued to permit a variance on Lot 17, KAP 28264 (4264 Dunsmuir) reducing the exterior side yard to zero (0’), for the existing garage only.  Staff will now issue notices to all the neighbouring residents.

Council members passed a motion to grant the North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre an exception to the District of Barriere Noise bylaw No. 0033, section 8(i), to extend the hours from 22:00 to 23:00 for the Interior Savings Moonlight Movie Event to be held in Fadear Park in August 2012.

A motion was passed that the Parks committee discuss further the Eco-Park concept with the Learning and Literacy group and make a recommendation to council regarding how to proceed on this project in the absence of the land swap with the TNRD.

At the last council meeting, a call went out to the community for volunteers to help with various parks.  Staff members reported that several residents have already come forward, resulting in the ‘adoption’ of the garden at the base of the Community Park sign.  Another group of residents live back-to-back with one of the neighbourhood parks, have begun to take care of part of the adjacent parkland in addition to their own properties.

There are a number of roads that have been formally and informally adopted for cleanup and mowing, by individuals, families, businesses and church groups.

The efforts of volunteers in the community are important, and appreciated.  Mayor Humphreys and council members encourage residents  to volunteer in whatever way they feel they can.

Regarding the parks, council would like to remind residents that the parks are ‘community’ property and that anything built on them needs the permission of council to ensure that it is done safely and in a way that is accessible by all residents.

Mayor Humphreys, with council approval, made a proclamation declaring that, May 29, 2012, shall be know as the Day of the Honey Bee in the District of Barriere.

Councillor Sabyan reported that the Bandshell committee is currently drafting a sponsorship program for the Bandshell.  Any individuals or groups interested can contact the District Office for more information.

During public enquiries – Barry Thorn asked if council had any information on how the proposed radio station is progressing.  CEO Colleen Hannigan replied that the owner has applied for a broadcasting permit which should be passed in the next month.

Thorn also asked about how to deal with garden waste (leaves and clipping, etc.)?  Council members replied that they are hoping to have a composting facility as part of the new Eco Station being built at Louis Creek, but currently residents who are unable to compost themselves can bring it in clear bags to the dump at no charge.

Valerie Williams raised two concerns, first she request that Council arrange repainting of the crosswalk by the elementary school, as the lines are quite faint and many cars are neglecting to slow down.  Also, there have been reports of a bear with a cub near the elementary school.  Council members will make sure that the conservation officers know about the bears, and will see what they can do regarding the crosswalk painting.

Lorraine Thorn asked if someone wants to have a group picnic at a park, are they allowed to rent a port-a-potty to have on site for the event?  The answer – yes.

The next general council meeting will be on May 7, at 7 p.m.