District of Barriere council meeting of September 18

Mayor Humphreys proclaimed November 18-25 Restorative Justice Week 2012

The District of Barriere held a council meeting on September 18.  Two bylaws passed their first readings: the District of Barriere Church Property Tax Exemption bylaw No. 96, and the District of Barriere Community Use Permissive Tax Exemption bylaw No. 97.

Mayor Humphreys proclaimed November 18-25 Restorative Justice Week 2012. “Whereas, in the face of crime or conflict, restorative justice offers a philosophy and approach that views these matters principally as harm done to people and relationships; and whereas, restorative justice approaches strive to provide support and opportunities for the voluntary participation and communication between those affected by crime and conflict (victims, offenders, community) to encourage accountability, reparation and a movement towards understanding, feelings of satisfaction, healing and a sense of closure; and whereas, this year’s theme for Restorative Justice Week is “Diverse Needs; Unique Responses”, it is an opportunity to learn about restorative justice, educate and celebrate along with other communities across the country during the week.  Therefore, I, Mayor Humphreys, do hereby proclaim Nov. 18 to Nov. 25, 2012, as Restorative Justice Week in the District of Barriere.”

Finance Officer Nora Johnson reported that the water meter installation program is now essentially complete, except for a very few items.  Neptune Technology Group installed 627 residential 3/4 inch meters, and 30 larger residential and commercial meters.  Staff will be following up on seven remaining accounts that had issues with plumbing or non-working valves, and will also oversee the completion of three pits that had issues as well.  Barriere residents should be commended for their co-operation with this project.  Staff will be placing a Thank You notice in one of the next editions of the local paper.  Only one residential account did not make an appointment to have a meter installed.  To date, staff have not been able to contact the owner.

Councillors passed a motion to grant the request from the Lower North Thompson Learning and Literacy program for a grant-in-aid of $500.

The big signs at both ends of town on the highway, need repainting.  Staff will look into this, and will contact the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association and the High School Art Department regarding this.

The next District of Barriere Council meeting will be on October 2, at 7 p.m.