District of Barriere council stymied after three votes

Council hoping to make the vote count this Thursday with full contingent of councillors attending

The District of Barriere special council meeting held last Monday to make a decision regarding additional full width paving expenditures on Barkley, Kivi and Conner roads played to a packed house.   Approximately 20 area residents turned out for the meeting looking for information about how the costs involved for additional paving would relate to the tax payer after it was reported that the first round of paving within the community is scheduled for the week of May 18; which includes Haig, Salle, Barriere Town Road, Barkley, Connor and Kivi.

Councillor Stamer was not in attendance being away from the community at the time.

Dave Underwood, PEng. from TRUE Consulting presented the following cost estimates for three options:

Option 1:

Full road width paving Barkley, Kivi and Conner, which would cost $60,000 as per the following calculations:

* Barkley: 1680m2  x $25/m2 = $42,000

* Conner: 213m2  x $25/m2 = $5,325

* Kivi: 525m2  x $25/m2 = $13,125

Option 2:

Full road width paving on Barkley (to Airfield), Kivi and Conner, which would cost $50,000 as per:

* Barkley: 1263m2  x $25/m2 = $31,575

* Conner: 213m2  x $25/m2 = $5,325

* Kivi: 525m2  x $25/m2 = $13,125

• Option 3: Full road width paving on Barkley (to Airfield) and Conner which would cost $37,000 as per:

* Barkley: 1263m2  x $25/m2 = $31,575

* Conner: 213m2  x $25/m2 = $5,325

Underwood explained that the original contract was prepared to minimize asphalt disturbance areas to the greatest extent possible recognizing that budget was limited. When possible, patching of asphalt was specified as opposed to full-width replacement to minimize restoration costs.

Of the three roads being considered for full-width paving, he said Conner and Barkley (to Airfield) were likely to see the highest traffic volume. A new waterline has been constructed along Conner Avenue and, as such, no further underground works should be required at this location.

He noted the waterline on Barkley and Kivi is 150mm diameter AC and will require replacement at some time in the future. Underwood said a timeline for this replacement has not been identified, however it is expected that replacement of these mains would be considered a lower priority than new source wells, replacement of the main on Barriere Town Road, or construction of a second water storage reservoir; especially given that additional isolation valves have been installed through this project.

It was reported that LNB’s unit cost for this work is lower than the other six bids received for this project for this work scope, and that TRUE has been informed that the price of asphalt has increased since the initial numbers done on this project in July of 2013.

Underwood stated that given that LNB has offered competitive pricing, and given the fact that waterline improvements on Barkley and Kivi are likely several years out, it was TRUE’s recommendation that the district give consideration to Option 2 or 3 should the road budget be sufficient to cover this expense, given that a better quality roadway would result.

Questions from council, and then from the public were fielded by Underwood, after which council debated the three options at length.

Some of the councillors commented that they wanted more information and more time to review that information before voting.

Councillor Fennell made the first motion which was for Option 1, and it was seconded by Councillor Sabyan, but was subsequently defeated.

Mayor Smith then brought a motion supported by Councillors Kibble and Paula for Option 3.  This  resulted in a tie vote, which defeated the motion due to Councillor Stamer being absent from the meeting, resulting in an even number of votes.

Councillor Fennell then suggested a compromise with Option 2 which was supported by the Mayor and Councillor Kibble. However, this option was also defeated.

This resulted in another special council meeting being then scheduled for Thursday, May 7 at 7 p.m., at which time additional road inspections will have been completed providing more detailed information for the council, and it is hoped a full council will be in attendance which will prevent any further tie votes.