District of Barriere Mayor’s report from Dec. 7

District of Barriere Mayor Virginia Smith presented her report to the regular Council and Committee of the Whole meetings

During the Dec. 7 District of Barriere council and committee of the whole meetings the following was reported under Mayor’s Business:

• Minister Terry Lake’s office was contacted by Mayor Virginia Smith regarding the district’s letter about the Pharmacy Technician and the resolution put forth by the district pertaining to highway rescue.

Minister Lake left a message explaining that he has had several calls regarding the changes the college has put forth pertaining to changing the requirement from a Pharmacy Assistant to a Pharmacy Technician. He advised that there has been a six month deferral and it could be as long as a year, and that he is aware that what is being proposed may not be in the best interests of rural communities. He will keep the Mayor updated.

Unfortunately, he did not mention anything about the highway rescue resolution during that conversation.

• The Mayor and Councillor Paula met with Interior Health representatives Terry Brent, Dr. Mike Moss and two others regarding the proposed changes to testing of lab samples. Ms. Brent advised that at this point they are in the early planning stages of how to best sustain the service they provide.

She further explained that currently lab samples are being shipped to Kamloops, Kelowna and Vancouver depending on the testing required. Ms. Brent assured the district that Royal Inland would always have lab facilities. These changes do not in any way impact local clinics.

• During the Mayor’s open office a resident had a complaint regarding the removal of the newspaper recycling bins in the community.

He delivers the flyer bundles and newspapers to the local stores and picks up the old papers. In the past he was depositing them into the newspaper bins and wanted a bin put back.

Mayor Smith explained to him that the newspaper bins were no longer used and there was a fair amount of time and money involved in emptying them, and that the district had turned the bins into dumpsters for some of the local businesses at a substantial savings.

The man said that at times he has trouble getting to the Eco Depot as they close too early for him, but finally agreed that it was his responsibility to get the left over papers to the Eco Depot.